Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Love can change destiny

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By Cate Masters
I love love LOVE stories about redemption. The hero has resigned himself to a lonely existence, one he believes is his fate. Then bam! he meets the heroine. That single moment sets into motion an unstoppable force – love. It sets them on a collision course with fate, and changes everything.

It’s one reason I LOVE LOVE LOVE Cursed! Bruno diCesare is tortured and flawed, literally fighting his own demon. Not by choice, he lives a life of isolation in Venice until the Carnivale festival begins. For ten glorious days, he can finally mingle with others and enjoy the abandon of freedom. But what sort of alpha hero is hidden beneath his costume?

I’m so excited about this release – not only because I think you’ll love Cursed as much as I do, but because it’s the very first title Decadent’s releasing to launch its new Teased line! I’m so grateful to be part of such a wonderful lineup of authors and , and crazy excited about this launch.

Cursed is the first book of what will eventually be at least a trilogy. This story kept drawing me into its world. The characters kept surprising me – in the best sort of way. It’s magical, with a bit of science and suspense and a twist on history. Look for Charmed to follow!

Here’s a peek at the blurbs:

Ten days of freedom. That’s all Fate had allotted me each year. In the streets of Venice, I could walk among them. Mingle. Belong.
During Carnevale, they had no idea who I was. What I was.
For ten days, it didn’t matter.
Until I met her.
Bruno diCesare lives alone by necessity, not choice. An experiment performed by Leonardo da Vinci, who believed having a dual DNA would grant a person immortality, used magic to render Bruno a chimera – the head of a lion, body of a dragon. The only time he can mingle with people is during Carnevale, ten glorious days of masked anonymity, frivolity and intimacy.
Melina Weaver learned fire dancing to enliven her dull existence. A scientist, her long hours at the lab leave no time for a social life. For ten days at Carnevale, she can pretend to be someone else. Someone sexy and daring, who lives on the edge.
Once she meets Bruno, her wish comes true, but everything goes terribly wrong. Beneath Bruno’s costume lurks an alpha male, but is he dangerous? Worse, can she return to an employer who sells her research to the military to make an army of efficient killers? Her only hope may lie with the man she’s just met and never seen.

Congrats to Decadent on the launch of the Tease line! Go visit their amazing new web site: But beware – those new Allure, Captivate and Entice lines are aptly named. You’ll become addicted!

Thank you Decadent publishers, editors and artists for all your hard work in helping authors, and bringing amazing stories to readers. I’m so proud to be part of such a wonderful publishing team.

Oh, and today I’m also celebrating the Tease line launch and release of Cursed at Bitten by Books!  I hope you’ll pop over and say hi, and enter for a chance to win a $25.00 gift card.

Cate Masters – Magic, mayhem and a little romance
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Kathleen Ann Gallagher's Place to Reflect said...

Super congrats, Cate! I'm so happy to hear Cursed is the first book of a trilogy! You can't stop after such a fabulous story.

Cate Masters said...

Thanks so much Kathleen! It's a pretty cool world, and I keep finding out new things about it. :)

Lea Ann Finley said...

Love how you took this character into the light, Cate.

Meredith T. Cole said...

I can't wait to RE-read this story! :)

Cassandra Dean said...

Big congrats on the release of Cursed! I've purchased my copy, just need to settle in and read :D

Cate Masters said...

Oh no! I'm sorry, the BBB date was changed to May. :( I'll post a link on my FB page and blog when it's up! So sorry for the inconvenience.

Cate Masters said...

Lea and Meredith, I can't thank you enough! I so appreciate all you've done.

Wonderful Cassandra! I hope you enjoy it. :)

L. C. Dean said...

This looks great! Congratulations on your release, Cate.

Cate Masters said...

Thanks L.C.! Much appreciated. :)