Friday, March 22, 2013

The Seduction of the Massage

By Lisa A. Adams

I have to admit, when I started writing The Harvest Queen's Tutor, I really wasn't sure which way the story would go. The prompt I was working off of was simply to tell a story based around coming home for Thanksgiving and making a discovery. Not much to base a story on, but sometimes those are the best. I had a time frame and a mission. What more do you need?

I spent a couple hours last summer at my sister's pool with our children, and there she and I found my plot and my characters. With a rough paragraph in hand, I came home and set it aside. I knew my characters were younger, 1st year college students, and I knew that Michael "Mick" Shover was someone that everyone could fall in love with. But, how was I going to pull off a love scene without crossing some imaginary moral line because of his young age?

Introducing… the MASSAGE! Sensual and Provocative, when I wrote this scene, I was dreaming of being nineteen again and getting to feel that power of touch at such a young age. Let's face it, many of us in our youth were all about getting to the business of sex. It was new. It was fun. And foreplay wasn't even an afterthought.  But as we grow older, the magic of "sensual touch" can be a million times more powerful than the act of having sex. (And if you don't agree, then I'm sure you will agree with the fact that it will definitely lead to some very powerful sex.)

Massages have been employed throughout the world and dating back to the oldest written histories. Wherever there is mention of erotic sex or even pictures before written history, there is more often than not, a description or image of some form of massage.

Today, we are often forced to squeeze sexual acts between our chaotic lifestyles, leaving us little time for true romantic experiences. That being said, I believe that now is the time when things like sensual massages are needed most. To experience the closeness and oneness of a massage with our mates, not only gives us the opportunity to slow down and escape from the chaos, but it gives us time to appreciate the real love and passion that brought us together in the first place.

Sophie Carmichael is a small town beauty queen who won multiple scholarships in high school, including the title "Harvest Queen." She's returned home from her pre-med studies at Duke to ride in the Thanksgiving parade alongside the new Harvest Queen. But since Sophie is close to failing some of her college classes, she's in a panic to find someone to help her.

When Sophie Carmichael busts into the local library looking for tutoring help, Michael “Mick” Shover suspects an intruder. But he finds that Sophie needs exactly what he can give her—access to the library and all its resources. Michael agrees to help Sophie but can't seem to keep his mind on the books. How could he have ever guessed that studying Anatomy could be so interesting?

I hope you enjoy The Harvest Queen'sTutor and the sensual massage that Mick and Sophie share as much as I did.

Lisa A. Adams


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I agree massages are a great idea between partners. Our problem is we fall asleep it feels so good!

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