Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Valentine’s Day is Over…But Sweetest Day Isn’t!

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By Jennifer James

I know there’s got to be a bunch of people scratching their heads right now. “What the heck is Sweetest Day?” If you live in the Northeast Ohio region, you know that Sweetest Day is Valentine’s Day…in October.

If you Google the term, you’ll see that the holiday was originally started to give candy to the poor. (Or to sell candy, cards, and stuffed animals between large holidays. Take your pick.)

Until about five years ago, I didn’t know that Sweetest Day was a regional holiday. A friend of mine who moved here from Colorado was completely mystified by the radio spots and the decorations all over the stores. Her husband was confused, then annoyed, and then resigned to the fact that he had to get another really romantic gift for her when he wasn’t prepared. Because, let’s face it. Valentine’s Day puts a lot of pressure on people, guys especially. If you live in Cleveland, you get the pleasure of doing it TWICE. (Yeah, I know, one more reason Cleveland is hell on Earth to a lot of people. I like it here though.)

And then the other day I stumbled across a website with this article: The Fifty Most Romantic Things That Ever Happened.  Go check it out. Get tissues first though. When I got to number five I sniffled, then cried like an idiot. Number five helped me realize something. (Besides the fact that no man, ever, can now match that gesture. I mean, holy crap on toast!)

I love to write romance novels because I want to give people that kind of Happily Ever After. Even if it’s for fictional people. I want to share those kinds of stories with other people, give them warm fuzzy tinglies and leave them sniffling over a romantic gesture, even if it’s only in a book. Hearing about moments like that one between two people lightens the load and brings sunshine to your day.

Because you know what? They say that every plot has been written, that every story is just a re-tread of an earlier one. Well, if that’s true, then maybe, just maybe, the romantic gestures, dialogue, and experiences in romance novels have happened. Or will in the future.

And that’s something to cheer for. 

If you checked out the article, let me know your favorite number. The photos in general I keep scrolling over again and again, the lip dub video(!) 

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Barbara Elsborg said...

22 - what a lovely site but I kept changing my mind as I scrolled down!!!!!

Jennifer James said...

I know! It's impossible not to, isn't it? *sigh*

SheriV said...

2 Valentine's.... how unfair!

VampedChik said...

I cant pick one! :) Thanks for sharing! :)