Wednesday, February 20, 2013

10 Fun Facts About Gracen Miller

My boys tease that my name is “Grace” because I tend to trip going up the stairs, rather than down.

My oldest jokes that I should stay a blonde, so I'll have something to blame my "blonde moments" on. Jokes on him, I went back to red just before Christmas!

I’ve gotta have my nectar of the gods—coffee—before I can function or interact civilly with anyone.

I’m obsessed with the television show Supernatural and my son and I will carry on a conversation with Dean Winchester Quotes! My youngest son hates it! LOL

All I’ve asked Santa to bring me for Christmas the last 5 years is Dean Winchester. So far, my wish hasn’t been granted…yes, Santa is evil!! ;-)

I collect skulls and crosses. Weird combo, huh?

My favorite thing to do is…write! My world is perfect when I’m writing and if I go too long on a writing dry spell, I get moody and a touch depressed.

The name of my muse is Dom because he likes to dominate every facet of my writing and he always gets his way. He’s a bit smug about his victory over me.

When I write my favorite junk food is rainbow chip icing straight from the tub. I don’t indulge in it often, but I formed this bad habit as a teenager—yeah, when I could afford the calories!

I’m a HUGE Alabama college football fan. ROLL TIDE ROLL!!

I invite you to give me 10 fun facts about you!


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Barbara Elsborg said...

LOL - Grace indeed.
Not ten fun facts about me but one - my husband cuts my hair. I've been to a salon about 5 times in my entire life. And he's an accountant - not a hairdresser!

Kathleen Ann Gallagher's Place to Reflect said...

I love how you describe coffee as nectar of the gods!

10 facts about me.
Love Bon Jovi
Favorite thing to do is write.
Favorite color. Pink
Love reality TV
addicted to whipped creme (be good now)
dog and cat lover
admit to being a dreamer
don't like game requests
Love books by Gracen Miller
favorite movie Out of Africa

You know I had to include you, Gracen! Congrats on all of of the wonderful books from The Road to Hell Series! You did it!

Gracen Miller said...


I actually think it's kinda cool that your husband cuts your hair. I wouldn't trust mine with a pair of scissors near my hair! lol


Gracen Miller said...

Kathleen, I'm a Bon Jovi fan! No shocker there though since I'm an 80s gal. Thank you for loving my books!! That's such a fantastic compliment coming from a fellow author.