Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Does a Sexy Accent Rock Your World?


by Alexa Bourne
I must confess. I am one of those women who swoons at the sound of a sexy British accent. I don’t know what it is, but I literally get all gooey inside, and if the man is doing or saying something sweet or seductive, watch out. I’ll get tingles all through my body and I’ll likely do or say something stupid.
I guess my attraction and reaction to the accent is one of the reasons my 3 Honor Guard stories have hunky Brits for heroes. When I was writing the first two (and as I work on editing the 3rd), I hear the accents in my head and I fall in love with the men right alongside the heroines. My heroines are all American women and their reactions to their hot Brits pretty much mirror my own. (Yeah, big surprise there, huh?)

Malcolm, the hero of my first story, Her Highland Champion, grew up near Fort William in the Highlands of Scotland. His accent isn’t very thick, so his heroine doesn’t have trouble understanding him. Aidan, the hero in my soon-to-be released book, Fractured Paradise, grew up in Sunderland, a city in northern England. His accent is strong and his heroine comments to her friend how similar he sounds to her coworkers in Edinburgh. Colin, the hero of my 3rd Honor Guard story, Simple Treasures (due out toward the end of the year), is from Thurso, one of the northern-most places in Scotland. Of all my Brits, Colin’s accent is the thickest and his heroine often has trouble understanding him, especially when he gets angry because he talks faster then. (Huh, interesting. Of the 3 stories, Colin’s was the most challenging for me to write. Coincidence?)

So what about you? Do you swoon when you hear a sexy British accent? Or maybe a Spanish accent rocks your world. How about an Italian or Australian accent?


Barbara Elsborg said...

Ha - well being a Brit means Brit accents do very little for me! I like an American accent! I think it must just be what you're not used to hearing that sounds right in your head. Scottish accents are difficult. I once spent a train journey next to a family I thought were from somewhere in eastern Europe - I couldn't understand a word they said. They turned out to be from Glasgow!

Alexa said...

LOL! Barbara, I'm convinced Glasgow has a language all its own since so many people talk about how difficult it is to understand.

I agree, it's what you're not used to. Thanks for stopping by!