Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A New Book in The Crimson Bane Battles!

M/M Romance and More!

By Azura Ice

Hello! [waves to readers] Many of you know me online as Faith Bicknell-Brown (F.L. Bicknell), but I write for Decadent Publishing under one of my main pen names, Azura Ice (

Something I find interesting about erotic romance novels is the vast amount of readers who love m/m romance. I’ve read posts and blogs where readers talk about how they like to read about two hunky men getting it on, that they find it highly erotic. Although I read one now and then I have my pseudonyms for writing m/m fiction, too.

My series, The Crimson Bane Battles, begins with Ian, an Earthie, and Skorpe who’s a Parallelan (they look like Goths, but their black lips and nails are natural to their race). The first three books are m/m romance mixed into an end-of-world theme full of paranormal coolness, action, adventure, and a splash of mystery. I enjoy such stories, movies, and televisions programs. A couple of my all-time faves are Falling Skies and The Walking Dead. I also look forward to watching Revolutions coming this fall.

Why did I also choose to write a series involving an end-of-world plot? I like to see how people overcome problems, and I also like to see how characters grow when put in such situations. However, I can add some of my own survival know-how to my plot because of how and where I was raised, so it’s fun as well.

Ian and Skorpe overcome enormous obstacles for their love. I hope you’ll buy and read the first three books in my series. So what’s after Absinthe Dawn? Well, book 4 will involve a love triangle involving the character Regina Whitecash, who has been forced to grow up a lot and fast. She meets an Earthie and a Paralellan, and both men fall for her. I’m not sure yet if book 4 will be a ménage romance or if Regina will choose a single mate, but rest assured Ian and Skorpe will make appearances in her story, too, so if you grow fond of the two lovers, don’t worry—they’ll be characters in a few more books.

So I pose a question for readers:
What makes m/m romance so appealing to you? Is it sexy hunks with sexy hunks, the emotion between two men in love, or does it give you a break from reading heterosexual romance? Or...well, do tell! 

Tell me what your thoughts or views are on the topic, and while you’re at it, send this link to your friends and supporters of m/m romantic fiction and let's get a good conversation going!

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Barbara Elsborg said...

That is such a hard question. The truth is that the guys of the MM romances are very likely nothing like real life. Just as the heroes of the MF stories are larger than life - probably in more ways than one! (cough) So I think its male bodies being sexy and two male bodies being even sexier! It's the unknown, the exciting, the intriguing..what do they do? How do they treat each other? Speak to each other? It's just female curiousity!

Faith Bicknell said...

Femal curiosity...hmm, never thought of it that way, Barbara. Great answer!

Jessica E. Subject said...

For me, it's always about the emotion, no matter whether it's two guys, two women, a guy and a woman, or any combination. The emotion involved draws me into the story. With MM stories, the emotions tend to be very raw, and I like that.

Anonymous said...

I really like MM stories! They are always so hot...those hard bodies and how they can be rough with each other but then not...yum.

Faith Bicknell said...

Another vote for emotion and one for sexiness, lol.

Jazmine Devyne said...

First of all, I love the cover! There is something about M/M romance that pulls me in. The vivid pictures of sexy hunks with sexy hunks! :)

Faith Bicknell said...

I agree about the covers; there sure are some gorgeous ones. Decadent has some of the best book covers I've ever seen and their m/m covers are top notch too!

Jenn said...

Hot guys with hot guys, how can that be wrong! If I were a guy I would be there too.
I had to buy
The Crimson Bane Battles they just looked so good.

Faith Bicknell said...

Bless your heart, Jenn!!! You rock!