Thursday, December 8, 2011

Three Ways a Kraken Can Be Your Best Defense

by Maureen O. Betita

Number One – It eats your critics. Okay, not your literally living and breathing ones. At least not yet. (Maybe if I can get enough people to unite in belief we can actually manifest a physical kraken… Hmmmm!) Until then, the kraken can eat your inner critics. All those self-doubts and nagging thoughts…just toss them to the kraken. He loves them. They might come back, but keep throwing them to him…after a few dozen passages down his gullet, they do tend to quiet down a lot. And it’s fun to hear them scream and plead as they slide down into the darkness…bwah ha ha!

Number Two – The kraken can take it. You do something a bit on the dim side? Blame the kraken. “I was following the kraken’s advice.” He’ll back you up, totally. Stand behind you, a tentacle on your shoulder, staring at those who are pissed at you. They’ll back off, trust me.
Number Three – Slime, well it can actually dissolve evidence.
Now, understand that the kraken….he cradles the world. Or he strangles the world… So much depends on your perspective!  

This ornament, well, it illustrates that point… You can win this ornament, lots of ways, including commenting here. Also on my blog, at other blogs I’m at…and assorted ways all listed in my contest blog… Check it out!


Barbara Elsborg said...

And if the beast pisses you off - you can saute him in butter and eat him!
oops - sorry Maureen.

Maureen said...

Bit your tongue, Barbara! Besides, he's such a big guy...not sure there are enough octo-eaters out there to actually do the job...


Barbara Elsborg said...

I have to admit, I couldn't eat him. I once accidentally ate octopus. It was on a paella and I said - oooh what are these rings? I almost threw up when I found out. I'm a REALLY picky eater.

Maureen said...

And all we cephalopod lovers adore you for that!

Unknown said...

I don't eat anything out of the ocean...I have no problems looking but I don't like to eat them.

I can't think of anyone I wished I had watching my back more than Kraken!


Samantha Gail said...

I LOVE that Kraken ornament:)