Saturday, July 23, 2011

5 Facts about Cassandra Dean you didn't know...

1. I’m Australian. Yep, good old Oz chick, that’s me. I guess lots of people know that (it's kinda hard to miss in real life) but bloggy types may not know!


2. I’m obsessed by Camper shoes. They are so super cute, with their rounded toes and soft leather, except when they are strappy sandals or dainty high heels.

I am also obsessed by cameras. I have ten different kinds, including but not limited to Canon AE-1, Holga, Lomo LC-A, Panasonic TZ-10, Nikon D60, Super8, Polaroid, etcetera and so forth. It's a sickness, I know.

  3. I got me the Lasik eye surgery. One friend asked me when I was finally sans glasses if I’d always had such blue eyes.
I didn’t know what to say either.


4. I have a weird preoccupation with ‘Beast’ men, you know, like Beast from Beauty and the Beast? Once, I was told everyone had a fairy tale that was ‘their’ fairy tale and, when I thought about it, mine was totally Beauty and the Beast. It's that wounded bad boy…I guess we all don’t mind him ;p  Anythehoo, I do love that trope and I think I will probably write about men with Beast-like tendencies no matter what I do.

5. I really like old cutlery, especially forks. Weird, but true.

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Barbara Elsborg said...

Never heard of camper shoes but they do look comfy!!

JoAnne Kenrick said...

way hey!!! *waves hi to the Aussie chick* we lived in Orange, NSW, for two years...LOVE the Aussies, really friendly, genuine folks who, when they say G'day to passing strangers on the street, they mean it! And the weather is just darn gorgeous. And I totally get your fetish for camper shoes, it's all about the comfort for me, too :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Barbara and JoAnne! Camper shoes are beautiful! They are sooooooo expensive, but I treat myself every now and then - esp when my friend goes to visit family in Italy. When she does, I order shoes to be sent to her aunt's home and then my friend brings them back in her hand luggage...I love my friend!

And, JoAnne, Australia IS super awesome ;p Of course, I've never lived anywhere else so I might be slightly biased.

Thanks for your lovely comments!
Cassandra Dean

kathleen said...

Interesting facts, Cassandra! Great camera collection, and cool shoes.

Women seem to love bad boys, and root for them. I sure do...