Wednesday, August 27, 2014

When A Fairy Tale Becomes a Fairytale

By Melissa Shirley

When I first ran across the call for Beyond Fairytales by Decadent Publishing, it was quite by accident. I was actually looking for an agent for another MS and came across the google page. Of course, being a big fan of Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, I thought it would be a lot of fun. Thinking I would get one of the princesses or at worst, Red Riding Hood, I sent my email and received the Goose Girl at the Pond. I read the Brother’s Grimm original and there was no romance. There was no clear line. No big deal. I was allowed to twist it and turn and manipulate it any way I wanted. So, I had the basis for the story.
Then, I had to decide where to put my princess and only one place made sense—Storybook Lake, home of quirky buildings and beautiful boys looking for love. But which one should belong to her? That is the exact moment I ran across Dylan Laugherty, fun loving former FBI agent turned farmer who’d recently moved to Storybook Lake. Blond-haired, blue-eyed Dylan formed the perfect counterpart to Becca Heller’s rich girl, dropped into exile with her Granny, overly spoiled princess demeanor. Their chemistry was immediate, although somewhat contentious.
On a roller coaster ride of love/hate moments, Becca and Dylan navigated their way through her attitude problems, his preconceived notions, and a family get together whereby Becca was reminded of her bad-girl ways. Once I threw an ex-girlfriend into the mix, the story took a shape I hadn’t even imagined.
For me, since they are like my children now, there are so many things to love about Dylan and Becca but my favorite parts are the lines they throw back and forth which show their personalities. Their one liners always make me smile.

“So there’s no water, no bathroom, just an outhouse, and I have to read by candlelight?” –Becca
“I think we should take the awkward for a spin and see where we end up.” –Dylan
“No, I thoroughly enjoyed groping you. I’d like to do it again, even. Soon.” –Dylan
 “Hmm. Kinky. I’m not having a threesome with you and your blow-up doll, Farmboy.” –Becca
“Choose your words carefully, Farmboy. I’m the one holding Godzilla’s salad fork and you’re in striking range.” –Becca

And then, since it Becca’s story told in her own words, her thoughts come shining through as an exercise in her quick wit.

Was this some weird farm boy proposition because I had finally surrendered style to the comfort and warmth of flannel?
One shower had not made us comrades.
I had to assume that every song and poem that had ever been written about kissing had been written by someone who’d kissed Dylan Laugherty, because they had it on the money.
If he kissed me one more time, I was going to melt into a very sticky puddle of horny girl.

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Dylan and Becca are some of my favorite Storybook Lake residents… Oh, who am I kidding? I love them all and most of them usually come back from story to story revealing more and more bits of the town and continuing the stories before them.  Come back to Storybook Lake often for more fairy tales and more loves that last a lifetime.

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VS Morgan said...

Loved this story, Melissa! So many laugh out loud moments. Congrats!