Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Welcome to the World of the Black Diamonds

by Tshego Khunou

Luxury mansions, designers clothes, gorgeous rugby players and swimmers...just another day in the glamorous world of the Black Diamonds.
Gossip Girl brought you the scandalous lives of Manhattan's elite, Mean Girls gave you a glimpse of the Plastics of North Shore, and Clueless and 90210 introduced us to the glitz of young and rich Los Angelinos. You know all about the glamour of London's young beau monde, and you're probably familiar with the playground of the rich and entitled that is Monte Carlo. You have even had a humorous look at the lives of Sydney's private school girls in Ja'mie: Private School Girl. Now prepare to journey to the northern suburbs of Johannesburg, South Africa and experience the glamorous lives of Jozi's high society.
Black Diamonds is inspired by the this world, which I believe has a wealth of stories just begging to be told. South Africa has a burgeoning upper and middle class which is fraught power plays and dynamics unique to this emerging society. Fortunes are being built and the first generations of dynasties are being established. The unique history of our country colours the development of this emerging class, dubbed the Black Diamonds.
And now, years into our democracy, the children of the newly wealthy Black Diamonds are coming into their own. These children are growing up in the lap of luxury, afforded every comfort and living glamourous lives in cosmopolitan Johannesburg. They attend elite private schools, wear designer duds, and live in huge mansions in the affluent northern suburbs. The lives they live are a luxury afforded to a privileged few. As a result of this, there is a tight, exclusive circle which is near impossible to penetrate. These kids are bonded not only by ridiculous amounts of money at their disposal, but by their shared experiences and the close-knit circle they will be in their whole lives. These are the future leaders and business magnates of the country, and their contemporaries and future partners.
In such an exclusive society, characterised by careless spending, debauchery and blatant snobbery, how can a simple girl from the rural farms ever hope to find acceptance? This is the challenge faced by Sara Diwane, a young girl who gets a scholarship to one of the most exclusive of these private schools. She may have the prized opportunity of attending St Dominic's, but that is no way a guarantee of her entry into this elite society. She longs for acceptance by the gatekeepers of the upper echelons of this world; the Black Diamonds.
Now who are these Black Diamonds?
Meet Kea Ntuli, the daughter of a renowned advocate and a socialite. She is the fearless leader of the group of the most powerful and well-connected girls in their circle. She embodies everything Sara envies and desires; she is wealthy, beautiful and impeccably groomed, has the most gorgeous boys vying for her attention, and the prettiest, richest friends at her beck and call. Together with her two best friends, Nolu Manele and Abi Silaye, the introduce Sara to their glittering lifestyle.
But all that glitters is not gold....
Under the sparkling facade of their world, Sara discovers that the tight bonds of sisterhood are rather fickle. Where only the best boys will do for these girls, sneaky backstabbing and underhanded betrayals are the order of the day in matters of love. And Sara realises that the biggest price tag is not on the designer shoes or the Brazilian weaves. Is she willing to trade in her self-respect and dignity for the chance to be a Black Diamond?

Black Diamonds will take you on a whirlwind adventure in the leafy suburbs of northern Johannesburg. So put on those five inch red bottomed heels, spruce up your Brazilian weave, and let's do coffee in Sandton. 
Kisses, darlings!   

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