Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Writing with a Pen Name

Do you write under a pen name? Have you uncovered the author behind the pen name before?
Under my non-pen name, I've been at the writing game for 15+ years and built up a very solid base of friends, authors, and readers.
    I'm stuck!
   Although some of my family already know this pen name, I haven't told many of my friends and only one or two readers. Why? Well, Erotica is very different from what I normally write.
While some authors don't mind using their name under all genres of writing, I knew when I wrote Taming Rydin, I had to come up with a pen name so I wouldn't confuse the readers. My "other" writing credits include YA, NA, and some Romance & SciFi, but none of them come close to being erotic, despite some steamy NSFW scenes. :-)
I've also considered "outting" myself, because I'm not embarrassed by my Erotica, but I figured I could keep the two separate to see the difference in sales as well, because they say sex sells, I want to see if they are right! :-)
The story for Taming Rydin had been rolling around inside my head for about a year before I decided to give it a go and try to write it. The basic concept was a twist on fairy tales, but in space with aliens. I had the idea of having an alien prince rescue a human woman and eventually have them fall in love. The erotica part came when I started thinking how different a alien’s sex drive might be, and Rydin was born.
I thoroughly enjoyed writing it and even have begun working a second story involving Rydin’s brother, Maxix. It’s a blast!!


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Exclusive Decadent Excerpt:

“Think of me as your slave, Nova.”
Although my body shuddered at the idea of being master to this male, my mind fought it. “I would never—” He leaned close and inhaled, responding to my reaction. His breath warmed my lips. “Even if I ask it?”
“I will not torture you, Warrior.” I shuddered.
He laughed, head shaking, gaze roving lower, darkening as it moved down my body. “No torture, my female, a simple way for you to contain me so I don’t keep you in my bed eternally. I don’t know what will happen after I release my seed in you. I may crave less, possibly more. You will have the power to chain me should I overstep.”
“You think it will be needed?”
Rydin wet his lips, smirked. “I was less than half through with you by the lake. I worry with good reason. I’ve been called insatiable.”
“Perhaps the problem is the lack of quality and seeking sheer quantity,” I said, placed my hands on his forearms. “I am nothing like your girls, Warrior.”
“Oh, this I know, Nova, it’s the cause for my stipulations. Do you agree?”
“If it is needed, and you truly wish it, I will chain you.”

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