Friday, June 6, 2014

A Classic Love-Hate Story?

   Windsof ChangeIsland Girls Trilogy Book 3

   This story actually started with such a premise for me. I’d done second chances in The Other Side (IG #1) and opposites attract in Light My World (IG #2). So for #3, I needed a different trope...and once I met Logan Warrington, I just knew this would be a love to hate you/hate to love you storyline.

   For, you see, Neha Hemant, the heroine, is the middle sister in that family. The one who never rocked the boat, who always did the sensible thing. She married the most proper boy she could find, bore him three children within the next five years, and settled down as a housewife at the beck and call of her husband and children.

   And then she wakes up one day and realizes her life is going nowhere. The straw that breaks the camel’s back is when her husband is wiped out of all their lives...and Neha finds herself with a chance at a new beginning.

   But new starts can be extremely scary, especially because they totally rattle the status quo you’ve built your whole existence around. Neha is a wife and a mother, and somehow, she forgot she was also a woman, to start with.

This reality comes hurtling into focus – you can even say tunnel vision here! – when her path crosses that of Logan Warrington, a beast of a man from New Zealand. Logan’s everything Neha despises in a man – he’s arrogant, too self-confident, cuts no corners, and he carries the mantle of the bad boy only too well. Oh, and he’s tattooed, too.... 
   Still, here’s the thing – does she really despise him...or is she all too attracted to his brand of forbidden male potency? 
   They get off to a rough start, and it doesn’t look like matters will get any better between them....
   Or will they? Because, sometimes, first impressions can be wrong, and as you discover the real person in front of you, a good thing just might be waiting around the bend....

   Come discover Neha and Logan’s journey in Winds of Change.

   And here’s where you can find the previews of the prologue, chapter 1, and chapter 2.

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