Friday, May 23, 2014

Romantic Suspense: Getting shot at while falling in Love

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No, that’s not the technical definition of the genre, but it sums it up pretty well. Romantic suspense is the contemporary equivalent to a Hitchcock movie. The main ingredients include a dashing hero, beautiful heroine, and a mysterious reason for these two people to be on the run. Unlike a Hitchcock movie, the one hard and fast rule all romantic suspense have to obey comes at the very end. The main characters are required to fall in love.

In The Ringer, Jackson Thornbird is from a wealthy family, but chooses a blue collared career. He enjoys his job, but feels like an outsider—resentment in the Chicago PD runs deep. When Jax gets his hands on some erroneous cases that just don’t make sense, he finds himself under attack.

Langley Garrett is the girl next door everyone wants to marry. Unfortunately for her, she picked the wrong guy. Fresh off a divorce, Lane tries her hand at decoy work. What she thought would be an easy-peasy endeavor, instead turns out to be downright deadly.

Jax and Lane are the perfect love birds who always seemed to miss actually meeting. Caught up with his career, love isn’t the top of Jax list. On the other hand, Lane is misled by the trappings of loneliness. They orbit the same universe for a while without every bumping into one another, but once fate actually brings them together, the sparks ignite and planets collide.

Take a trip with these two great people who are even better as a couple. Join Jax and Lane as they stay two steps ahead of an entire police force, falling in love in the process.

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