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An Interview with Garrett

   On a vacation she didn’t ask for, Annaliese Becker follows her muse from Dallas to Freewill, Wyoming. Along the way, she takes pictures and sketches monuments—like Devil’s Tower. A brief glimpse of a handsome Native American makes an impression on the artist.
   Fulfilling a promise to his grandfather, Garrett Falcon stops at Devil’s Tower and spots a lovely woman. When he meets her in Freewill, he believes fate has spoken and pursues Annaliese—determined to convince her to stay in Freewill—with him.
   Vacations are supposed to end, but her heart longs to stay in Freewill. Can Garrett convince her they were meant to be together?  

Hello! Garrett took a few minutes off from his chores to answer some questions about himself, Annaliese, and The Devil’s Bond.

Jennah: Hey! Thanks for talking to us today. Annaliese already answered these questions and the readers wanna know you as well. So here we go.
Garrett: Hmm I hope I don’t say something that goes against what she said. *laughs* Although, if I do, let’s go with her answer over mine since I’m pretty sure she’s better at this kind of stuff than I am.

Jennah: You got it.  I’ll start easy. Why don’t you tell the readers a little about what do you do for a living?
Garrett: I own a horse ranch outside Freewill, Wyoming. I train horses for rodeo events, recreational riding, and every day ranch work. It’s the best job in the world. I couldn’t ask for another career.

Jennah: Do you have a favorite horse?
Garrett: That’s like asking if a mom has a favorite kid. Sorry, can’t answer that. 

Jennah: Random question time…What’s your favorite food?
Garrett: Steak. Love it. Especially buffalo. Did you ask Annaliese that one? I could use some ideas for our anniversary. *winks*

Jennah: Nope. Sorry. I asked her what her favorite animal was. *laughs* But you know you could probably take her anywhere or cook anything and she’d be happy.
Garrett: Maybe. Guess I’ll find out soon enough.

Jennah: You’ll be fine. Have faith. Next question. What word best describes true love?
Garrett.  Umm. I’m a guy. I don’t have a word. Can I use Annaliese?

Jennah: Sure, she gave you as an answer. But I’ll ask you the same follow-up as I asked her… How does she personify true love?
Garrett: *groans* Hell. Now I’ve got to find some sweet, romantic words. She’s perfect in every way. Loving. Passionate. Gorgeous.

Jennah: You know, for someone who was worried about not knowing what to say, you did a pretty good job. What song title best describes your relationship track record?
Garrett: I’ve put all my relationship history in the past. The only person who matters now is Annaliese. Next question please. *smiles*

Jennah: I can’t resist that smile. You win. I’ll give you a pass. Do you have an absolute deal breaker in a relationship?
Garrett: Yep. I won’t stand for someone who puts themself down. If you can’t love yourself how will you ever love someone else?

Jennah: What first attracted you to Annaliese?
Garrett: I can’t really pinpoint one particular thing. When I saw her sitting at Devil’s Tower talking to Matt we connected instantly. She was so…breathtaking. Then at the diner she looked lost, disappointed. I wanted to hold her and make all her sadness disappear.

Jennah: Such a sweetheart. The first week you spent with Annaliese, what was the best part?
Garrett: *looks around the room* Can I answer anything at all?

Jennah: We should probably keep your answer PG-13.
 Garrett: Hmmm. My favorite part was getting to know her both intimately and about her life. Annaliese is a woman of many layers and I felt like each knew thing I learned about her was unwrapping another gift.

Jennah: *swoon* Not romantic. Right.  Okay, last question. Why do you think readers should pick up The Devil’s Bond?
Garrett: Because it’s fun. And I said so. *laughs* You want more I suppose. Like I just said, Annaliese is amazing. I think everyone who meets her will love her. And I hope you like me too.

Jennah: Sounds like a good reason to me. Well they’ll at least get to see you wine and dine Annaliese!  Thank you for stopping by. Thank you for having us here today. I hope if you read The Devil’s Bond you enjoy Annaliese’s and Garrett’s story. 

About the Author:
   Born and raised in Texas, Jennah is a transplant to Missouri long enough ago she should probably consider that her hometown. But she will forever be a Texan. She loves to write any story that will make a reader smile, laugh, and maybe even cry (although you won't ever hear her admit that she cries). Whether the next story she writes is contemporary, urban fantasy, LGBT, or whatever other crazy idea she comes up with, there will always be love and romance in the midst of trials and turmoil.
   When she's not writing you can find her on Twitter, with her family, or buried in a book trying to escape reality for just a minute.

Contact Details: 

Enjoy the following excerpt for The Devil’s Bond:

   The clean scent of pine and sage from the prayer ties attached to the trees surrounded her. She added pieces of cloth to her mental checklist of details to include. These prayers represented the people of the area. The sacredness of the tower.
   Over the years, she’d learned remembered sounds and fragrances added depth to her paintings. 
   “Excuse me, ma’am.” She turned around and found a park ranger behind her, his arms folded across his chest. The gold badge on his left pocket stood out against the green of his shirt. 
   “Yes, sir?” 
   “I’m sorry, but the park closes at sunset. I’m going to have to ask you to make your way down the trail.” 
   “No problem. I’ll just gather my things and head back. It’s so peaceful out here, I’d like to say I lost track of time. But that’s not true. The sunset was too hard to resist. I’m sure you understand.” She picked up her sketchbook, charcoals, and pencils then placed them in their respective spots in her bag. The sketch she’d started wasn’t complete, but she had enough to continue it once she’d settled into the hotel for the night. 
   The ranger offered a polite smile and held his hand out to help her stand. “I do, ma’am. It’s very peaceful out here. I’ve spent many nights under the stars, escaping the hustle and bustle of life.” 
   Oh, to see the night sky unhindered by city lights and sounds. “I can imagine. Have a nice evening.” 
   As Annaliese moved away from the ranger, she caught sight of another man a few feet off and to the left. The trees kept him hidden from her direct line of sight. Long, shiny, black-as-midnight hair fell down his back. From where she stood, only his profile was visible. He had skin the color of hot cocoa; sharp lines from his cheek and jawbone framed his face. He reached overhead and tied a purple swath of cloth to the tree. His lips moved, and she wondered what he was saying.
   He tilted his head back and, for a split second, their gazes locked. She jumped, startled at the intense connection snapping between. A desire to remember his features, paint him, enveloped her artist’s senses. 

   A gruff sound from the ranger pulled her from her desires and daydreams. It was time to go. Freewill, Wyoming awaited her arrival.

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