Friday, February 21, 2014

Superheroes + Romance = Win!…

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By Kimberly Quinton

Have any of you NOT seen The Avengers? Seriously? It has everything a romance reader could want, in my opinion. There’s studly heroes—of course. Iron Man and Captain America lead a team of characters into a battle to defend the earth from alien invaders. It’s full of danger, sexual tension (hello Black Widow and…everyone) and protecting loved ones from harm, finding one’s strength and fighting inner demons that challenge the desire to do the right thing. Ah yes, superhero movies like The Avengers push all the right buttons and I’m loving that there will be more!

Not to mention my teen crush on Robert Downey, Jr. has resurfaced and I once again have pictures of him posted on my “wall”.  And Avengers is not the only superhero franchise that is doing right. X-Men has it all too; Angst, sexy alpha Wolverine, new adult and coming of age turmoil, fighting against internal and external evil and tragic love gained and lost. I could go on, so is it any question why I would choose to write a superhero romance?

Writing Hero Worship was one of the most fun writing experiences I’ve had. I knew I wanted to write a pissed off, fallen-from-grace superhero forced back into working for the people who had exiled him. That was all I started with and thankfully Caroline, my heroine, came into focus quickly from the start. She sneaks under Cole’s bitter shell and reminds him that he does have a reason to be the hero once again.

Do you have a favorite superhero character, book or movie?

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Jessica E. Subject said...

My favorite superhero has always been Superman. Always. :)

Congrats on your new release!