Monday, August 19, 2013

Never Stop Learning

The Harvest Queen's Tutor available HERE
by Lisa A. Adams

First, let me say that I've searched the databases and there isn't one particular person credited for this wonderful phrase. When I sit back and think about it, I'm sure that this phrase could be traced back to some ancient civilization like Greece or Egypt. Parents and adults have probably been telling the younger generation this for centuries.
However, it's not just for the younger generation anymore. Statistically speaking, there are more adults returning back to a higher education than ever before. Job demands, a leg up on the competition with a different certification, changing careers, and the list goes on as to why they are all returning. But, it's not just higher education that you can learn from.
Local seminars, continuing education classes, webinars, and online classes can all be taken to broaden your minds and not for a purpose of certification, but just for the knowledge. From detailed topics to a wide range of everything in between, the quest for knowledge has never been easier with this highly advanced technological society. I think my youngest daughter, age 9, said it best when she came out her room the other day and told me she was going to make a doll house. I promptly asked her how she would do it. She of course explained the process and then smiled adding, "You can learn anything on YouTube, mom."
My story, The Harvest Queen's Tutor, is a story of a young woman going off to college and learning a few things along the way. Most importantly, she learns that love doesn't always care if you have time or not. The main characters are both in college. Sophie is pre-med at Duke University, and Mick is attending a local community college taking credits and readying himself for transfer to a university.

Here's your challenge for the day: Explore the Internet. If you are interested in a particular hobby, maybe now is the time to find out more about it. Whether your interest is in writing, sewing, quilting, dancing, bird classification, or whatever, I'm sure that you can find something out there so that you too can never stop learning.

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