Tuesday, August 13, 2013

How do you ménage?

The Frog Prince available HERE
By Deanna Wadsworth

Oh, yeah, I asked it! LOL Actually I want to talk about reading ménage, what you do in your own spare time, you can PM me about LOL
This topic came up because I just got tricked...yes I said tricked, LOL... into reading an M/F/M book the other day. I thought it was M/M because I barely glanced at the pdf book cover on my desktop. When I saw two muscled chests I just sent that baby to my kindle. I didn’t notice the girl on the cover, LOL. 
Per my usual I was in the mood for a couple sexy guys falling in love, so about  five minutes into the book I was like, “Whoa, there’s gonna be a chick in this? WTH?” I did a little mental grumbling—you know how it is when you expect one thing and get another?—but it was a well written book and I liked the dialog, so I kept reading. It ended up being a really good novella and I would probably read the author again.
Ms. Claus's List available HERE
One thing disappointed me. I wanted the guys to be into each other as well. But alas the quote was, “We need to have a woman between us,” hence the M/F/M, not the M/M/F that was what I was hoping for. If you aren’t an erotica reader, you may not realize that when the Ms are listed next to each other, it denotes the men have fun with each other, too. And likewise F/F/M means there is girl on girl action.
After reading this book—and I did enjoy it—I got to thinking about the ménage and polyamorous books I have written. MS. CLAUS’ LIST is just a good old fashioned orgy, LOL, where I make sure everybody plays with everybody. But then again in my Naughty North Pole series I establish that Santa’s elves are horny little critters and gender doesn’t matter. THE FROG PRINCE is a polyamorous story where the Prince Phillip is in love with his footman but needs a wife to break a curse and finds an open-minded girl who doesn’t mind being their new plaything.
In reading the above book I mentioned, I realized that my preference with ménage stories is everyone should be involved with each partner in SOME way. If you’re gonna do it, might as well go all in. Right? 
Maybe because I am on a m/m kick lately, but I like the idea of it being a total three-way, not just the fantasy of two guys being all about one girl. It’s hotter, for me anyway, when everyone joins in. And I DO NOT mean the men need to do it... but dayum! If you are so “cool” with your BFF, your “bro” that you wanna “share” a woman... um, you would think that those men would be comfortable enough with those naked parts mere inches from theirs to at least touch the other guys ARM or his LEG. While I love on-page M/M action, my ménage guys need to at least use their partner’s shoulder for a prop on occasion. If you’re a dude cool with a three-way with another dude and a chick... be comfortable enough with yourself that maybe you at least KISS the guy. Cuz, IMO, if you’re going down that road of naughty, heck, a kiss sure ain’t gonna make you gay, dude. LOL
What about you guys?
What is your personal favorite match-up in ménage?
M/M/F; M/F/F; M/F/M? I haven’t read F/M/F, but the second I typed it plot bunnies started talking to me...
Please leave a comment. I would love to hear from you!


Bestselling erotica author Deanna Wadsworth leads a pretty vanilla life in Ohio with her hubby of 16 years and two demanding little dogs. She sold her first book to Decadent Publishing, an erotic retelling of RED RIDING HOOD in 2010 and it quickly reached #15 on Amazon bestseller lists. Her tenth Decadent Publishing title THE BEST EVER spent eleven days on All Romance Bestseller List and made it up to #20 as an Amazon bestselling gay romance.


Susan W. said...

Yeah, I prefer m/f/m where the men have some form of connection even if it's just casual pats on the shoulder. It makes the whole relationship more realistic. Annmarie Mckenna's The Strength of Three is the first m/f/m I read where not only did the males casually touch but one even had an internal dialogue about it. It's a favorite story of my just because of that.

Deanna Wadsworth said...

Susan, thanks for stopping by! I'll have to check the book out :)

Clare said...

At first I was M/F/M but now I am totally MMF all the way, all the time!

Anonymous said...

Love M/M and M/M/F