Thursday, July 25, 2013

Happy anniversary to The CEO and the Cowboy!

By Starla Kaye 
Time goes so quickly and I can’t ever seem to stay up with everything. Do you ever feel that way? Doesn’t it feel like Christmas was just yesterday? Now it’s only five months away! But I’ve actually been stashing away a few gifts already, which I often do most years. My problem is that sometimes I forget where I stashed them (heavy sigh here). Anyone else have that problem?

It’s also time for me to celebrate the second anniversary of the release of The CEO and the Cowboy. Don’t worry; Calhoun and Daniel are still a couple. But they have been struggling to make their complicated lives work together. Anyone having been involved in a relationship understands the frustrations faced, and the ups and downs of making two lives work together. But they are determined to not lose the special something they have found with one another. Still, each of them has felt like maybe something is missing…maybe someone.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m working on the sequel story that will continue their lives. I really need to get focused on it and finish the story, but other characters have also wanted their stories told. So many characters…so many stories to tell.

Anyway, For Ruby’s Love adds a woman to the mix. Calhoun has suffered a great loss on his ranch when his horse barn burned down one night. His prize breeding mare was severely traumatized and he is desperate to find a way to save her. He got word to the well-known and highly recommended RT McMurtry that he needed his services as an animal healer ASAP. The man promised to come to his ranch, but he and Daniel have been waiting for over three weeks. To say that Calhoun is frustrated and impatient would be putting it mildly.

And then Ruby Tuesday McMurtry shows up in her travel trailer. Her father died right after agreeing to help Calhoun, but she is equally skilled as a horse whisperer, having worked with her father for years. She can do the job…if only Calhoun will give her a chance. Darn the big, stubborn cowboy! At least Daniel seems to be on her side.

Making the tricky situation worse, she’s having serious trouble keeping her mind on her work and off the two gorgeous men.

Back to celebrating Calhoun and Daniel’s first story, The CEO and the Cowboy

CONTEST: Leave a comment about why you love cowboys. One randomly chosen commenter will win a small Ride ‘Em Cowgirl sign. The winner will be chosen July 29 with the prize mailed August 5, when I’m back from vacation.

Title: The CEO and the Cowboy
Genre: Contemporary, erotic, GLBT romance
Author Website: Starla Kaye


Jessica E. Subject said...

Happy Anniversary to the CEO and the Cowboy! I love cowboys because they are hard-working and dedicated. Oh, and they look sexy in a pair of jeans. :)

Starla Kaye said...

You're always so good about commenting and I always feel like such a slacker. Anyway, thanks for stopping by and celebrating the anniversary.

Yes, I love the way a cowboy looks in jeans.

Susan W. said...

Happy Anniversary to CEO and the Cowboy! Cowboys determination to get the job done and done right is one of the things I love about cowboys.

Starla Kaye said...

This is true, they don't like to mess around and have to do a job again.

Thanks for stopping by.

Debby said...

Cowboys are strong, confident and know how to ride. How could you not love a cowboy!
Congrats on the anniversary.
debby236 at gmail dot com

Starla Kaye said...

Debby, thanks for stopping by and commenting.