Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Madame Eve Comes to Freewill

Coming Soon!
By Camryn Rhys

We all knew it had to happen someday. It was too delicious an opportunity to pass up. Madame Eve and Freewill? Destiny!

Our Western Escapes town of Freewill, WY has been teeming with love stories, and they have been magnificent. From sheriffs to jewelers to chefs, we’ve seen them all fall in love. And the Gaines family has been in the midst of their own love bug. First Jamie, then Mattie… and now, the hot cowboy. Paul Gaines.

Aptly so, I’ve decided to host a Cowboys & Cocktails release party (link:, which will be in full force starting today, and all the way through the end of June.  After all, what goes better with hot men than hard liquor? Nothing. That’s right.

So today, I’m going to share a little bit about this upcoming Western Escape/1 Night Stand crossover, and then let you guess what cocktail I think most represents the hot, hunky beefcake of a man that has stolen my heart. That’s right. Paul Gaines.

If you’ve been reading Decadent’s line of Western Escapes books set in Freewill, WY, you’ll know that Paul has been quite a favorite with the ladies. But since his antics almost ruined both the love prospects and professional prospects of his sister and her fiancé, Paul has amended his ways. His brother Brady (yummo!) gave him an ultimatum, and it finally stuck.

But Paul wants one last hurrah. A no-rules one-night-stand in Vegas. Far from his brother’s watchful eye, and far from the repercussions he seems unable to avoid.

So now we get to the fun part. Paul’s cocktail. What is it? You ask. Well, you. Before I reveal it (on the WE blog, very soon), I’m going to let you tell me what you think Paul’s signature cocktail should be. What kind of drink do you think Paul will be making for his blonde goddess, Sylvie Proulx?

Remember the rules of Cowboys & Cocktails… post the cocktail recipe or a picture of you drinking your own signature cocktail (Tweet it to me: @camrynrhys or hashtag #CowboyCocktails) to be entered to win the grand prize. And come to my blog during release week (the last week of June) to find more opportunities to win.

I hope you enjoy Paul’s story, and his cocktail. Happy reading… and drinking! J

~Camryn Rhys
Romance So Good, You Can Taste It
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Gaines & Losses blurb:
Sylvie Proulx has a very proper, professional life, where every second is scheduled and mouthful of food carefully documented and exercised away. But a woman has needs. So she discreetly requests a 1NS date from Madame Eve, only to be paired with a free-spirited cowboy from Freewill, Wyoming with a thing for steak.

Paul Gaines needs a sponsor for the national rodeo circuit and travels back to Vegas to seek out a meeting. He needs a date to the fancy party, and calls on a dating service he's known for a long time, expecting a night of fun and companionship. But the more he discovers about Sylvie, the more he wants to cover her in creme brûlée and teach her how to ride a horse.

Only Sylvie has very careful boundaries, and Paul only has one night to convince her to give him a tomorrow.

A Western Escapes & 1NS (One Night Stand) Crossover Novella from Decadent Publishing. 

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