Monday, May 13, 2013

In His Own Words...Interview with Xavior Oceanus

By LaVerne Thompson

*Sits down at his computer and cracks his knuckles* Guess I better get this over with. My creator wanted me to write a little article about myself. Her wish is my command. Or so I let her think. *snickers* Let me tell you I’m the one who ran that story. She wrote what I told her too. Hell, I yelled in her ear enough times that she made the changes to MY story I felt necessary. Any way about me.

Let’s see. First of all my name is Xavior Oceanus, some people call me Xav. I’m one of the children, a race of beings who dwell deep within the seas. I’m also a son of Poseidon and his heir. The thing is to become king of the waves and claim the Sea Throne, I must first find my bride and place her on there. The throne would only accept the female meant to be my bride. That’s also the only way I get to become king. Queen get’s crowned first.

I better explain that I’ve already met this person, but ah, I’m not sure who she is. You see my people, the children, age until puberty then we basically stop aging until we meet our brides and the females their mates. Once that happens some sort of chemistry goes into effect and kick starts the aging process and then it stops once we reach our prime. To humans we’d only appear to be in our mid to late twenties. In reality, most of us are over two hundred years old. Nah, we’re not immortal, just children of a god and really long lived.  The real kicker is we can only orgasm with our brides/mates. So you can imagine how much research we do to find this person. *grins*

I been aging for awhile now but I’ve hit prime, however, unlike others of my kind who usually know who their brides or mates are by now, I don’t.  To make it worse, as heir I have a finite amount of time to find my bride, the clock is seriously ticking. You see if I don’t find her by next moon rising I will lose my right to the Sea Throne. Then my people would have to wait at least another 100 years for one who can claim it. My people need a king now. We are at war with the denizens of the dark depths and only a king can put a stop to it. My people don’t have two months much less years.

Come join me under the sea. Or are you afraid of the waves?
Sea Bride- Children of the Waves
By LaVerne Thompson 

LaVerne Thompson is a best selling award winning multipublished author. She writes contemporary, fantasy and sci/fi romance. She also writes romantic suspense under her alter ego Ursula Sinclair.

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