Tuesday, August 28, 2012

5 Reasons I Like to See the End of Summer…

by Kacey Hammell

I know many would say, YAY the kids are returning to school (Sept 4 here in Canada) so what else is there to say? For me, it will mean a lot more writing time most definitely but I detest the routine of morning lunches, homework in the evenings etc etc. I like having the kids home to keep things always entertaining, and so the crazy routine is forgotten for a while.  End of summer for me (my household) means return of our fave shows. Here are my top 5 reasons to love the end of summer this year!

1.   REVENGE Returns!!! This show instantly became an addiction. I confess, while Jack and Daniel are hot (hell, as is the whole cast!), the fashion is gorgeous, the scenery is spectacular, it was Nolan Ross that kept me hooked! That dastardly, geeky sexy kind of guy, wealthy, mischievous – okay, vengeful and secretive – he’s the type of mystery I love. Plus his humour and devotion to Emily (with more secrets!) is charming and sexy. The added bonus of course is Emily getting answers/revenge against the Grayson’s is equally addicting. While I believe forgiveness is the best course of action, I have to say, I LOVE how Emily does it.

2.   SUPERNATURAL Returns – need I say more than just Jared Padalecki (Sam) & Jensen Ackles (Dean) ??  Castiel…Hell… No, I didn’t think much explanation was in order.

3.   GRIMM Returns (well already did about 3 wks ago) but love the spin on old fables and tales the GRIMM way. Plus the relationship between Monroe and Nick is amazing. The show weaves in some humour with the intensity of each episode.

4.   NCIS Returns – can you believe how things were left last season? Explosion, Abby & McGee seemed to be in the midst of it straight on. Ducky on the beach!! I plan to have tissues handy and try to keep the nail biting to a minimum when it returns. I can’t even begin to say what the demise of any of the main characters would mean to me. I mean, don’t you get the feeling when you watch a show every week/every year faithfully that the characters feel like old friends? I’m just hoping I’m not going to have to scream at the TV for anything the writers pull! I need my Gibbs & DiNozzo every week! The others too of course, but those are my top two.  And this year, I’d love to see Jamie Lee Curtis return!!!! *fingers crossed*

5.   HAWAII FIVE-0 Returns – Dylan, who was introduced in ILLUSIONS as Brady’s partner, is a tad bit modeled after Alex O’Loughlin from this show. I mean, how could I not? O’Loughlin inspires a lot of naughty thoughts and various scenarios to put him in. Plus the finale, where he sees his mother! I have to hear the story behind how she’s back from the dead!

But back to the more writing time. Yes, it’ll be quiet around here and Dylan’s story will really take off…along with the other 3-4 WIPs that are all battling for time.  However, be on the look-out for these THREE titles coming soon from Decadent Publishing and me.

Feel free to let me know what shows/adventures you’re most looking forward to seeing this fall.

And what will you miss most about summer?


Barbara Elsborg said...

We're out of sync here in the UK. I want to see Trueblood and just as it ends for you, it hasn't even started here!

Barbara Elsborg said...

And I should have added - we haven't had any summer here! It's rained and been cloudy for week after week!

Nishi Serrano said...

Hell's yeah, I love the end of summer too! Loved your post ;0