Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bad Boy or Boy Scout?

by Vivi Dumas

Bad boy or boy scout? This is the question that taunts me when I write my heroes. Sometimes the line is so thin I forget which they are supposed to be. I love a dark edge to my leading men. I think many of us dream of hopping on the back of the bike wrapping our arms around a true bad boy. Remember Stephanie from Grease 2 and how she needed her ‘Cool Rider’?

When you read, which do you prefer? Are you looking for Prince Charming to ride in and save the day? Do you want the leather clad hottie to lure you out of your window for a late night who knows what? I think most of us want some combination of the two. Why? Because Prince Charming will eventually becoming too boring with all his perfection. We all know the bad boy will eventually break our heart. (psst…that’s why he’s a bad boy)

Now, when you have a biker boy willing to come to the rescue, nothing could be hotter. How many of us fell head over heal for Danny once he came around in Grease? When Michael learned to ride that friggin bike and jumped the cannon, he couldn’t have been more attractive. We want excitement and security.

This is what I think my heroes bring, a perfect mixture of excitement and security. Jacque from SoulCatcher is a prime example. Who wouldn’t melt for a demon who delivers his heart to the one person he never imagined he could love, as if love was even possible in his world. I hope you fall for Jacque as I have.

Tell me about your bad boy/boy scout crush for your chance to win a copy of Soul Catcher.

Soul Catcher Excerpt:
Hidden behind a tree, Jacque watched, impressed and amazed. Angel had more power than he imagined. It was clear why she was so important to Lucifer. There were very few people with the power to control the elements. She needed to learn to control her powers better.
The sound of a branch breaking caused Jacque to focus back on Angel. The limb she sat on snapped in two and she plummeted to the ground, trying desperately to grab hold of anything to break her fall. The high pitch of Angel’s screams ripped at Jacque’s reason. Her body bounced off the tree trunk and crashed through the dark branches. Again, he raced to her rescue. Before Jacque could reach the tree, Angel’s fragile body hit the ground.
 He kneeled beside her and brushed the hair out her face.
“Hey. You took quite a spill,” Jacque murmured.
Angel stared up at him and smiled. “Yeah. I showed those hellhounds who’s boss.” She chuckled, grimacing as she held her ribs.
“Yep. You showed them. Doubt they’ll mess with you again.” He examined Angel, wondering if he should move her.
“Did I pass the test?” A tear rolled out of her eye when she tried to sit up.
He held her hand. “Look. I’m gonna to pick you up, and it’s gonna hurt. I’m sorry. I gotta get you back to camp and get you fixed up.”
She bit down into her lip, waiting for his next move. “Okay.”
“You let me know if anything hurts too bad.” He slid his arms under her back and legs, lifting her gently.
 She was light as a cloud in his arms, her head rested against his shoulder. As he made his way through the forest, she moaned whenever he shifted her in his arms. Jacque cringed, knowing he caused her pain.
“Sorry,” he whispered in her hair.
Her hand caressed his neck. “I’m fine.”
The warmth of her touch made the hairs on Jacque’s neck stand.
The campsite lay ahead. Jacque hurried through the brush. The other cadets waited, turning their attention on him and Angel as he entered the open area. He laid Angel on the back of the wagon with the equipment.
“Bring me some Vamp Juice,” he barked.
Everyone scattered, gathering items. The tall dark-hair cadet brought the Vamp Juice and Noel handed Jacque the medical bag. Jacque sat on the back of the wagon and propped Angel’s head in his lap.
Cracking open the bottle, he held it to her mouth. “You got to drink. Hey, let me see those big brown eyes.”
She groaned and her eyes fluttered opened.
“Hi there.” He smiled down at her. “Drink.”


Barbara Elsborg said...

You're right that it's a combination of the good and bad that's the most attractive! My ultimate bad boy is the Brit singer Robbie Williams who sings about how bad he is - his lyrics are fantastic - he has the cheekiest smile and actually a good heart. I don't physically fancy him but he has inspired a few of my stories.

KaceyHammell said...

Hmm, great cover and sounds like a great story. Bad boys, love 'em
I think Colin Farrell would be my fave. His accent mixed w/ his bad boy swagger...Yum! :)

Christy said...

You gotta love the bad boy on the bike... but they also have to have a soft side. I have to say my bad boy would be Jason Statham. He is ultimate bad boy ;-) Your book sounds great! christina_92 at

Kaci Verdun said...

Thanks for the giveaway! Love those bad boys! My crush would would be Colin Farrell vs. hmmm... can't think of a boy scout, so i'll say Clark Kent - haha!

kacidesigns AT yahoo DOT com

bn100 said...

The book sounds good. I'd say Colin Farrell.