Monday, August 22, 2011

Wendy Burke's Playlist Monday---The One He Chose

This is my first attempt at a Playlist Monday. Geez, with all my years in media - radio and TV - you would think this was easy. To be honest, it was, because when the list came to me, I wasn't really thinking about 'the list'! 

If you're not aware, the main character-Grace- in The One He Chose is the sister of a character in another 1 Night Stand story. Hopefully, you met, John, in Deanna Wadsworth'sBear It All.' Since John looks like Trace Adkins, I was pondering that character one day and did a search for Trace Adkins tunes and stumbled upon 'Still Love You.' It's the perfect song reflecting Grace's dead husband's continuing love for her. (And, who wouldn't want to cuddle up to Trace Adkins with that growl of his!)  '

So,that was the first song. The next two came to me as I was on my way to work one day and had 'The One He Chose' on my mind. I was flipping through my SiriusXM channels (it's a good thing radio 'buttons' are electronic now, I can't tell you how quickly as a teen I burned out the radio buttons on my mom's '68 Ford LTD!) and ended up on a country station. 

'I Am That Man' by Brooks & Dunn was playing. I'm embarrassed to say, all the time I spend in the car, listening to the radio, it was a song I hadn't heard! (and if I need a lanky red-headed hero some day, Ronnie Dunn IS IT!) Well, it hit me-the song is the obvious connection between my character Grace and ---- I'm not tellin', I don't want to spoil it for those who haven't read the story yet!

After that was 'History In the Making' by Darius Rucker. Does he have the coolest voice or what? But the song also fit the connection between Grace and her 'mystery man.' (And, my husband is a huge Rucker/Hootie fan! Another reason to include it, huh?)

My hand slammed my forehead (as I was making a left turn!) and I grabbed the nearest piece of paper and started scribbling. (I can barely read it!) And so, the playlist was born!

I would be remiss if I didn't include the trailer for the actual story! 

So, please enjoy the playlist for The One He Chose!

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Jessica E. Subject said...

It's always fun to learn about the music that inspired the writing of a book.

Anonymous said...

YYUUMMMYY!!! Trace Adkins can seduce with his voice.


Wendy Burke said...

Which is one of the reasons Deanna Wadsworth used him as a model in Bear It All...crap, now he's 'taken'! :)

Jessica - it was actually the other way around...the songs came to me after the story was written. Certainly do appreciate the comments, however!


Wendy Burke said...

Whoops...looks like Brooks and Dunn don't want to cooperate...well video-wise. Here's a link to the song:


JoAnne Kenrick said...

Trace Adkins.... yup, a seductive voice alright :) Excellent soundtrack xx Thanks so much for sharing, I love discovering the songs an author listens to for inspiration while writing their stories!

Anonymous said...

Go Pack! Born and raised in Wisconsin too, Wendy! Still go home a few times a year. Now live in central KY. Love the choices of all your songs...ya got good taste, girl!

books4me67 at

Wendy Burke said...

@Wendybooks...where abouts? From Brat Town USA--Sheboygan!Email me if you like!