Saturday, August 20, 2011


by Maureen O. Betita

I do enjoy costuming, and I am determined to learn how to sew for that purpose. But my past costumes, be they something a bit spacey for the scifi/fantasy conventions, or maybe some Victorian inventiveness for steampunk conventions, or a lovely bustier for the Renaissance Faire…or a tricorn for the pirate festival…well, to finish this great run-on sentence, I retail. Yup, I attend them all these types of events and I try to dress for each, but I generally make my costume elements from what I find when I shop.

Yes, I am a found costumer. And I’m good at it. I find all sorts of things when I wander stores and cast an eye on what I see with thought of “How might that be made more steampunkery?” (For example.)

I do buy actual costume pieces, but I generally finish with what I find.

Until now. I’m attending the Erotic Authors Association Convention next month in Las Vegas and…to be frank…I don’t know what I’m going to wear.

You see, I’m a bit round and I do best when I can dress those curves. And I agree that erotic dressing doesn’t have to consist of being undressed with style, but… I do have corsets and bustiers… I have full length dresses that are nice and elegant. I have low cut shirts, and uh…see through shirts. I don’t own high heels and I don’t have boots. Or stockings.

I do have whips and handcuffs (for the RenFaire, really!) I have masks… Sigh.

I really have no real ideas on what to wear for this convention! What’s a round, short woman to do?



Misa Buckley said...

Hmm, I'm "round" as well, so I understand where you're coming from.

If I was going to an erotic authors' convention, I think I'd go for Burlesque-style. Low-cut dress or skirt-and-corset, with long gloves and a feather boa.

But you're gonna need some serious boots :D

kathleen said...

I agree with Misa. Burlesque style would be perfect. A red dress with black trim would be hot! Fishnet stockings?

Have a blast!

Maureen said...

Boots? Oh, man...I so want some boots! But when yer feet are small and your calves are are problematic. Sigh.

Maybe I can do some shopping in Sin City and find me some good boots. Thanks for the suggestions Misa!

Maureen said...

Kathleen, I do have a good red dress, shot through with other bright colors... I'm thinking it's a goody for this con...

Katie Harper said...

I say go against the erotic type. Go as a fifties housewife who needs her erotica or she'll start skinning the neighbors cats.

kathleen said...

Go for it! Have fun, too!