Monday, July 4, 2011

Romance and America's Independence...

     Happy 4th of July, to all of my American friends! For those of you not from the United States, I’ll give you a brief history of this American holiday…it’s the anniversary of our independence from British rule.
     Fortunately, we got over the pesky squabbles with our friends on the other side of the pond and think the Brits are awesomesauce now. I have no doubt women had a part in that make up process. We’re all about the HEA.

     Anywho, July 4th is one of my favorite holidays, I love my country. And it got me thinking…about the two lovebirds in my 1Night Stand story, To Feel Again. And what Jackson and Leah’s story would be like if it took place during Colonial times.

*queue time travel music* (though I have no clue what that sounds like) 

      Leah thought her plea to the mysterious Frenchwoman, Madame Evangeline, had gone either missing or ignored. What folly to think the woman had the ability to bring the man of her dreams to the isolated countryside of Virginia. After losing her betrothed, Mark, in battle, Leah had little hope of marriage prospects. Eligible men were off, fighting in the war, dying for their country and she had no doubt that unless she took appropriate measures, she’d live a lonely life without a husband or children. Sending a heartfelt letter to Madame Eve a year after Mark had passed and the mourning lifted from her weary heart had seemed like the right thing to do if she had any hope of happiness.
     And finally, Madame Eve had replied—the letter tucked snug in the pocket of Leah’s apron. Her heart raced each time she read the words:

My dear Leah, my heart cries for you and the loss of your patriot. His sacrifice will never be forgotten. Yet time must march on and I am happy therefore to have found a gentleman of fine integrity who I trust you will find most agreeable. He is the owner of the trustworthy establishment, The Castle Inn….


     “I don’t have time for this.”
     Jackson read the letter from Eve one more time before leaning back in the chair with a curse. His agreement with her extended only to providing lodging for the affaires de coeur she initiated. He had no desire to partake of her business other than to receive the generous funds the satisfied patrons readily added to his inn’s coffers. However, Evangeline appeared to have other ideas and threatened to find another proprietor to attend to her matchmaking needs—if he didn’t agree to his own affair.
     A sound in the courtyard below drew his attention and he brushed the curtain aside. Emerging from a small carriage was a lovely young woman. Her plain yellow dress fluttered in the brisk spring wind and wisps of blonde hair escaped her bonnet.  Her hand, fine-boned and petite, brushed the wayward strands back and as if drawn to him, she glanced upward, catching his gaze.
     Lovely young woman, indeed.

Okay, so forgive my lack of historical writing, I'm pleading artistic license. But hey, romance is romance, no matter when it happens! And I'm quite sure that if Leah and Jackson had met back in 1776, they would have had just as much fun as they did in 2011, when Madame Evangeline did her mysterious matchmaking thing in To Feel Again!

Valerie Mann


Maureen said...

Ah, that was loverlee! Very appropriate and right in the flavor of your story!


Barbara Elsborg said...

Oh we let you have a bit of freedom and look what you made of yourselves. Well, we still have to pop back and wash your knees and wipe your bloody nose every now and again but to have a party to celebrate us loosening the reins - I ask you. Where is your gratitude! Huh!!!

On another note - very nice, Val!!!

Kate Richards said...

I hate to tell you, Val, but you are officially doomed. I understand that Madame (or was it her illustrious ancestor of the same name?) was active in the marriage game at that time...and the story must be told.

Valerie Mann said...

Not a chance I'll ever write a historical, but thanks, Kate!

Huzzah! LOL

Author Leanne Dyck said...

Well done, Valerie.
If only there were more hours in the day, I would have like to write a similar post celebrating my country. Sadly (or maybe not I was) too busy living.

Valerie Mann said...

I understand the busy factor, Leanne. I had a heckuva time getting this written myself, but if I'm going to be the blog maven, I figured I'd have to blog once in awhile myself, LOL!