Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Four Hottest Men in Romance

by Olivia Starke

We could say Fabio started it all, this fixation we have on the men who bring our romances alive.
(I mean before Fabio, did anyone care who that hot man candy on the cover was?)

Easily recognized worldwide as the hunk that has appeared on over 400 romance novel covers, he made many a woman swoon and rush to spend bucks on whatever story he graced the cover of. It was easy to put him in our hero’s shoes with his chiseled and muscled maleness replete with long devil-may-care locks (just to throw in a wild bohemian kick to our fantasies.)  

Today the romance industry is still going strong and the men who star as our heroes are no less the epitome of manly manhood we expect. 

Andrei Claude, RT’s Mr. Romance 2005, is a Malta born model and actor who shows versatility and pure yumminess when starring on a cover.

(He can be my Highland Hero any day!)
Okay, I don’t have an exact number of covers he’s appeared on; I can’t seem to get past all these drool-worthy pics. Seriously, google him and you’ll see what I mean! His official site is

With over 600 covers to his name, Nathan Kamp, is our next tasty stop on this eye feast.
(It’d be a sin to cover a body this sinful)
Sometimes referred to as the Fabio of today with his popularity as a romance hero model, this Seattle born hottie also has his very own cooking show! Check it out

And if you haven’t heard of our last model today, well then you live under a rock. Jimmy Thomas is taking the cover world by storm approaching 1500 covers to his name. Just check out this photo available for purchase on his site

(Talk about inspiration for the muse!)

He often directs his own shoots, chooses his co-models, and all around wows us with his…uh…artistic expressions. Plus, he helps authors promote their works by featuring their cover art (and buy links!) on his website and Facebook page. And he’s an animal lover who often uses his raw sexiness to raise money for animal rescues (check out his 2011 calendar!) Come on, can you get any hotter? Seriously? Oh, and those who’ve met him say he’s a pretty cool guy. Talk about a total package!

The future of romance is as bright as ever and as long as we have our hot fantasy reads, we’ll have our hot fantasy men to spice up our imaginations.

Olivia Starke


Jessica E. Subject said...

Wow! I'm going to check all of those links out. And total package is right. HOT! Thanks for sharing. :)

Misa Buckley said...

Nope, you can keep them all.

I like my men looking rough and ready, not like they've been in a salon for a day.

Fabio? Oh, no.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Fabio isn't my cup of tea either to be honest but he did open the door for these guys to be as well known as they are:)

Anonymous said...

I'm not much of a Fabio lover myself, but the other three...yum.

Becca Dale said...

Come on - don't be so hard on Fabio. ;-D He really was a ground breaker and some of his covers are hugely cheesy but some are rough and ready hot. Olivia is right; I don't think it is possible to discuss romance covers without at least a nod to him.

Personally, I would rather not recognize the model on a cover though. I would prefer he were an unknown for the sake of imagination. If I know the model - some are FB friends - it is hard for me to disconnect the man from the hero.

Katie Harper said...

I love waking up to multiple hot men. ;)

Monua Cary said...

Andrei is not only eye candy, but he is a very sweet man who takes time out for his fans. Not many of these guys do that. He is totally tops in my book! :)

Anonymous said...

I'll take any one of them. Can I pay through PayPal?

Samantha Gail said...

None would be evicted for eating crackers in my bed:)

Anonymous said...

LOL Desiree and I agree Samantha :) It does help when the guy doesn't act stuck-up and stuck on himself.

Silke said...

My fav isn't in there. :)
Cherif Fortin was one seriously hot model.
And I'm sure there are a few others people could name.
(John DiSalvo, anyone?)
Fabio does nothing for me lol. I don't like his face.