Friday, June 10, 2011

Sara Brookes Facts this Friday...

I’ve done a few blog posts here, but never formally introduced myself. So, I’m Sara Brookes and I’ve had the great honor of signing with Decadent to have the first three books in my Sypricon Master series published. After spending a few years writing full length books (varying in length from 50K to 100K words) I wanted to try my hand at a few shorts. And the BDSM club, Tawse, with its Masters on the planet Sypricon, was born. Edits are ongoing for the first in the series, Impulse Control, so for today, I’d thought I’d share a few facts about myself:
I love Chick-fil-a. Seriously, I have what most would claim is an unhealthy obsession with their sandwiches and waffle fries. Several years ago, I got to attend an invitation-only event when a new CFA opened in the area because I knew the owner. Talk to him today and he’ll tell you about how I used to come into one of his CFAs when I was pregnant. 14 years ago. Yeah, I go *that* much.

I can’t watch Extreme Makeover Home Edition. I love Ty Pennington to death, he’s a cutie. And I love what the whole show stands for and what they do for families that totally need, and deserve, something like that. But it turns me into a sobbing mess.

One of my favorite movies is The Thomas Crown Affair with Pierce Brosnan and Reene Russo. I wore out my VHS copy of it and had to hunt down the DVD (which was harder than you’d think). If I come across it on TV, I’ll watch it. It’s just one of those movies where even the tiniest thing makes you wonder if it will be huge by the end. Even though I’ve seen it countless time, I still find enjoyment in watching it. Who doesn’t love a good game of cat and mouse? 

My mom cooked my very first pets—a pair of goldfish—when I was three or four years old. Now before you think terribly about my mom, she didn’t do it intentionally or literally for that matter. The water needed to be changed and when she went to transfer them back into the fresh water, they went belly up. The water was too hot for them. She flushed and I cried for Pop-Pop and Lolli-Pop for a few days.

I was petrified of roller coasters until the age of 13. I couldn’t even look at them and it was simply because I didn’t know—I’d never ridden one. Then I went on a field trip and the friends I was with kept talking about how fantastic coasters were. For fear of being taunted and teased, I didn’t tell them I was afraid of coasters and got on one with them. Talk about white knuckling it. That two minutes and ten second ride changed everything for me. Now you can’t keep me off roller coasters. To this day, that single event still shapes me, as I firmly believe you can’t say you have a fear until you try to face it head on.


Ella Drake said...

Extreme Makeover Home Edition makes me sob, too. I watched a few episodes and decided the same thing. I love what they're doing but I can't handle it!

Sara Brookes said...

Yes! Exactly. It's so good but my emotions can't take it!

Barbara Elsborg said...

My mum did something unfortunate to our goldfish too. He seemed a bit out of sorts - though how can you tell!! - so she added a drop of rum to his water and tried to massage his tummy against the side of the bowl.
Enough said.
Interesting post!!!!!

P. Kirby said...

Poor fishies!

Pierce Brosnan. Oh, boy did I have a huge crush on him, starting back in his Remington Steele days. (Which dates me, I know. I'm old.) He's still nice to look at even though the miles are showing.

Barbara Elsborg said...

Ooh I meant to say - I like the guy on the cover - he's on one of my covers too - An Ordinary Girl - he absolutely fits my hero, Noah!

Sara Brookes said...

Oh my goodness, Barbara, that made me giggle when I read what your mom did. And I love that couple on the cover, er covers! LOL

P. Kirby, I'm old enough to remember Remington Steele too, so don't feel bad. :^)

Maureen said...

Oh, one of my fav movies! I love the dynamic between the H/H in Thomas Crowne. And fabulous sound track!

P. Kirby! Showing his mileage? The man is still a god. They ought to get him on Dancing with the Stars!