Friday, April 8, 2011

Just the Facts Friday featuring Maureen O. Betita

 Romantic Times Booklovers Convention

Maureen and her boyfriends
So, what is going on right now at the RT convention? It’s Friday! By now, the beginners writing class is done with and the students are dashing all over the convention center, absorbing every word of wisdom, every nuance, taking notes…hopefully laughing, staying up too late…

It is a party, afterall! ;-)

Me? I spent two and a half days as a minion, then wandering around the event, making sure none of the newbies has a nervous breakdown. (I take my minion duties seriously!)

I spent Wednesday morning putting the final touches on whatever my part of the “He’s A Pirate!” panel with Cherry Adair and Katharine Ashe. Hopefully, I was hysterically funny during the panel, dazzled them with wit and made new fans/friends!

And I wasn’t hung over from the Run Devil Run concert at The Viper Room.

Christie Craig
I went to a few panels, mostly on marketing and promotion. At the Decadent Party I stunned the entire group and they immediately said they wanted everything I ever wrote for the rest of my life. ;-)

Wait, is this a list of facts or wishes?

Who the heck knows how it went? I know I had fun. I’m sure I spent time wanting to run away, but I have enlisted two friends as asskickers. If I flaked, you can bet they kicked my ass.

Thursday the only thing on my plate was a lot of running around, panels, keeping an eye on
Carole Nelson Douglas
frantic newbies and praying I’d be able to get my corset on for the Fairy Ball and the wings stay on.

Now, it’s Friday and my first signing is coming up… Not sure I’ll make it to blog to comment today… Send me good vibes!


Valerie Mann said...

Gee whiz, Maureen! No wonder you like to go to cons, you hang out with cool people!

P. Kirby said...

Good vibes sent. :)

Maureen said...

I have almost no voice... Started at The Viper Room, was mostly destroyed at the He's A Pirate Panel - WHICH WAS A BLAST! (I've heard more wonderful comments about that panel... ;-)

So, today is the big day. I did sell a few books yesterday. Always fun for someone to stand in front of you, dial up their nook and download you books...

So...tired. Really tired. But will shine through today with pirate hat firmly on head. Then...collapse! :-)

Wish everyone were here!