Thursday, October 28, 2010

Soul Catcher interview with Vivi Dumas

First I would like to thank Decadent Publishing for allowing us to visit the Daily Dose of Decadence. Today, I’m hanging out with a couple of my favorite divas from Soul Catcher. Thanks for dropping by ladies!

Vivi: How excited are y’all to have your story being released tomorrow?

Angel: It’s very exciting! I can’t wait for everyone to read about Jacque and me. Is there like a release day party or something?

Isabella: Good God! What’s up with you and the parties? Just wanting to find a reason to go shopping?

Angel: Whatever, Bell. You’re just jealous that I took your man.

Isabella: You’re just borrowing him, honey.

Vivi: Now ladies… Let’s play nice. This question is for Angel. Did you know right from the beginning that you loved Jacque?

Angel: I think I had to figure out how to love myself before I could love someone else. Jacque and I had some miscommunications and a few bumps in the beginning. And our friend over here *gives Bell the stank eye* was the bulk of our problems.

Bell: I have no idea what you mean. You can’t just let go of a fifty-year relationship over night. And I still think Jacque might come back to me. We had something special. I can’t help men find me irresistible. *flips hair and bats lashes*

Vivi: Wow! Isabella or can I call you Bell?

Isabella: Bell is fine.

Vivi: Bell… So you think you still have a chance with Jacque? Why would you want him if he’s dating someone else?

Bell: Oh. Jacque and I go back and forth all the time. I’ve had my share of indiscretions too. When you’ve been together as long as we have, then you have to add a little spice into the relationship and take some breaks away from each other. We go through this every decade or so, but he always come back.

Angel: We’ll see about that… *Rolls eyes*

Vivi: I doubt we’ll settle this argument today. Jacque must be one hell of a guy to have two beautiful women like you two fighting over him.

Bell: Who’s fighting?

Vivi: So, you’re telling me that huge fight the two of you had after Angel slept with Jacque wasn’t about him?

Bell: I don’t fight over men.

Angel: Neither do I. *folds arms across chest*

Vivi: *Looks from Angel to Bell* Ooookay then. Ladies it’s been interesting chatting with you today. If we want to know more about your story and learn what makes Jacque so yummy, where can we find you?

Angel: Well… Our story, Soul Catcher, will be out tomorrow from Decadent Publishing. Please pick it up. There’s so much more to Jacque and my relationship. It’s hard falling in love and maintaining a relationship, but being in one with a Demon with a crazy ex-girlfriend is insane.

Bell: Who you calling crazy? *reaches out and grabs Angel by the hair*

Angel: *punches Bell in the mouth*

Vivi: Oh no! Things have gotten out of hand. Thank you to everyone for stopping by…. *Duck out the way of flying stiletto* Please make sure you check out Soul Catcher to find out what happens to these ladies. *Pushes her way in between clawing females* BREAK IT UP LADIES!

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Author Leanne Dyck said...

Interesting, fun read. ; )

Vivi Dumas said...

Thanks for stopping by!