Friday, April 3, 2015

Pushing Limits with Her Master’s Gift

 By Dena Celeste

Hello everyone! I’m so excited to be here. Today I’m going to talk about limits, as it’s something that features heavily in my new release, Her Master’s Gift. Limits are really important in relationships, but especially in BDSM dynamics. There are soft limits and hard limits, one which is allowed to be pushed and the other which is to be absolutely respected.
Soft limits are generally to be worked through. They can be things that scare you a bit, that you just don’t like (but don’t hate), or that you have no interest in but don’t care either way. I know that, for some, anal, flogging, and even whips make that list! The relationship style in Her Master’s Gift is Master/slave, where Sam is the Master, and Katie the slave. His primary role is to protect, but also to guide her and push her to her fullest sensual potential.
One of Katie’s soft limits is being with women, especially dominant women, after a previous experience scarred her. She’s bisexual, and very much appreciates women sexually, but the idea of being at another’s mercy is too much to handle. Well, to handle alone.
Part of what I loved about exploring her character and her journey is that she wasn’t by herself. There were steps she needed to take of her own volition, but the collar she’d earned, the master she belonged to, and her friends in the Lifestyle, all provided support for her to make her way. The community is so important to her story and her growth.
I find BDSM fascinating because trying new things is encouraged. There are lists of things to try, new skills to learn, and passions just waiting to be awakened. Testing the limits, seeing just how far you can push the envelope while still remaining within Safe, Sane, and Consensual boundaries, is part of the thrill. 
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