Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Taking a Leap of Faith

by Angelique Voisen
Faith holds a particularly special place in my heart. The novella is set in a medieval and grim fantasy world I’ve spent years building and nurturing, before the time I made the switch from writing dark fantasy to LGBTQ erotic romance.
Awhile back, I had a debate with another writer friend about lesbian fiction. Why it’s less popular than MM romance simply because there are less variety to choose from.
You can say Faith is a by-product of that debate. In Faith, the paths of two very different women from two different worlds collide. Add in a cunning bloodthirsty monster and grim romps through crypts to the mix, and I guarantee you one hell of an adventure and unexpected sparks.

In a society where a common servant girl doesn’t have much in the way of prospects, Faith’s plain appearance and sharp tongue make a good match even more unlikely. But finding a husband is the least of Faith’s worries when she finds herself caught between a beautiful swordswoman and her grotesque, monstrous prey.
Given as a reward to the huntress, Faith is beyond terrified. According to rumors, these less-than-human slayers share too many qualities with the creatures they kill for a living, but Faith can’t deny the strange spark between Valac and her.
Val used to think cutting away parts of her humanity was a worthwhile exchange for wreaking vengeance on the monsters who threaten her people, but lately she’s gotten tired of her profession. Val believes her assignment in a remote city in the mountains is simple until  a servant girl’s arrival stirs emotions Val thought she’d abandoned long ago.
If Faith is capable of invoking unbridled passion then the best thing Val could do is stay away, but when Faith’s life hangs on the balance, can Val risk all to save her? 

Maya twitched at a stab of negligible pain.
“Oh! I’m so sorry!” exclaimed the young woman tending her wounds. “My sewing needle went in too deep.”
Maya studied her more carefully. Although cleaned up pretty and proper in her plain brown servant’s dress, there was no mistaking the girl she had stolen from death’s jaws. Saying nothing, Maya let her finish her work in silence. For a moment, it had been tempting to scare her off.
I debated whether to let the Tiny Stranger have you. But, you’re so skinny, I doubt you’d make a good meal.
Her hands shook violently as she peeled Maya’s torn brigandine off. She nearly asked her to leave, but the small face tightened with a firm, somewhat charming resolve. The girl shook her head and let out a sigh when her small fingers exposed only bruised and bloodied human skin. Had she expected scales or feathers perhaps? Braver now, she traced the neat stitches of her work, and then moved to the path of mottled blue-and-black flesh. It amused her at first to see how far she dared to go. When she reached the old messy scar tissue spanning from her stomach to her abdomen, Maya caught her wrist.
The servant swallowed nervously, and her reaction didn’t help the Exterminator’s mood. Maya inhaled the mixture of soap and sweat emanating from the girl’s skin.
Can you taste her exquisite nervousness, Pretty Monster? Can you taste her fear? Ask her to come closer. Ask her to come closer, if she dares! Maya silenced the internal voice.
“Did your master send you to provide me some entertainment?” she asked instead.
Her mouth hung open for a few amusing seconds, before anger flared in her eyes as she tugged at her captive wrist. Maya refused to release her. She has some spirit, at least. Besides, refusing a gift from a lord would be rude.
“I didn’t know Exterminators still remembered desire,” the girl retorted.
Maya inhaled the sour odor of her ill-contained fear. She had, no doubt, been raised on the ridiculous and ill-founded rumors surrounding Exterminators.
“Of course we do. We’re still human, you know. Sometimes even more human than you and your kind.” Maya sat up, and stared into large brown eyes far too big for the girl’s face. “We also have certain needs.”
Ignoring ache in the lower half of her body, the Exterminator wrapped her arms tightly around the slender frame.
“I’ll scream,” the girl threatened.

About Angelique Voisen
Angelique Voisen writes LGBTQ erotic romances and likes experimenting with different sub-genres. Her stories are often set in exotic settings and may include blades, fangs, kinky magic systems and happily-ever-afters.

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