Sunday, July 20, 2014

Ten Reasons Why Being An Author of Romantic Suspense Is Bad For You

By Zee Monodee

Hey beautiful people! 
In anticipation of my July 29 release, the romantic suspense/espionage story You Belong to Me  (part of the Beyond Fairytales line, and inspired by Grimm story The Nix of the Mill Pond), I thought I’d delve into why writing romantic suspense can be detrimental to your sanity (...uhm, yeah – as if hearing voices in your head screaming to be given a story wasn’t bad enough....)

So, let’s delve in!

1. Your life will always seem boring and mundane compared to the scenarios you come up with. 
2. Suddenly, people start looking at you in a weird manner when they read your work, and find out how much the “sweet” person they know you to be... can think like a psycho and/or sociopath... 
3. You find men who don’t walk the edge of danger boring. 
4. You get to research and know a lot about guns and other weapons (probably too much...) 
5. It’s not hard for you to imagine potential scenarios for getting rid of your boss/mother-in-law/slimy ex/your man’s psycho ex and figuring out exactly how to get away with it... 
6.  You retreat into your bubble, because frankly, wherever you’re living will seem like the dumps when your stories are taking you to Paris, London, Prague, Cape Town, Lake Como, and other such glamorous, exotic locations. 
7. You suddenly know a lot about biological weapons and can hold your own in a debate about the merits of this anti-terrorism strategy versus the other (putting you squarely into Nerd category!) 
8. Coffee starts to replace blood in your body, because, face it, you need the adrenalin rush! 
9. Vanilla sex gets just way too boring! Your characters need spice and the rush... and you take the irreversible step into hot and racy sex scene territory. 
10. You start wishing you were your characters, never mind they’re totally screwed up....

Coming to you this July – You Belong to Me by Zee Monodee
A modern retelling of Grimm fairytale The Nix of the Mill Pond, whereby a young woman who is no damsel in distress sets out to save her kidnapped prince...only to find that true evil lives well and strong in the heart of a man bent on conquering the world.

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Kathy Bosman said...

What a fun post, Zee. That's why I don't write suspense, lol.

Elsa Winckler said...

Fun post, Zee, love it :)

Nana Prah said...

Lol.#3 is so funny. Wait until your friends read your book. Your hubby is probably no complaining about #9.

Heather Hand said...

Zee I love the way your brain works :-)

Zee Monodee said...

LOL, ladies! Funny but true, though (which makes you totally screwed from the get go *grin*)

Nana, you're one naughty gal.... (but I like how you think *wink*)


Marie Dry said...

I loved this blog, everything you said is so true.

April Vine said...

Best thing I read today! Thanks, Zee! Can't wait for your book to come out :)