Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Slipping the Past

Slipping the Past isn’t just one of my favorite novels that I’ve penned. It’s also my first. Often situations in your life carry over to your book, and Slipping the Past is no exception.
In October of 2010, my husband and I put our house on the market and purchased a fixer-upper, believing we’d have months to fix our new home before the other sold. This was not the case. Even though the market was a buyer’s market and seller’s hell, we somehow managed to secure a contract on our home within days of listing. By the end of the month, we had no place to live. The old dance hall we’d purchased, needed to be gutted, sills replaced, roof replaced and jacked up to have a new foundation poured under it. All our money was invested in that unfinished house.
Here comes the part where Slipping the Past was inspired by my life. We were homeless, out of funds, with no money to rent an apartment. Everything we had was invested in the renovation. In November, the only place we could find to live was my mother-in-law’s unheated, un-insulated  garage. With the temperatures dipping below zero, I wrote Slipping the Past under an electric blanket, sitting on my bed in the middle of a garage. The chill, the sense of no place to go that would be any better, inspired me to pin a tale about a woman on the run, unable to settle in one place or make a home.
And if that wasn’t enough, I needed to challenge myself with an unusual POV and make my heroine rise to the occasion by making her blind. In a futuristic world where humans have evolved to harness parts of the brain that were inactive, Jocelyn Miller isn’t truly blind. She may not be able to see through her eyes, but she does through the eyes of others.
What happens when the love of your life, of many lifetimes comes back to you in the form of someone who’s hunting you, who’s tasked with taking your soul for past life crimes?
Well, if you go to Amazon here: Amazon--Slipping the Past, you can get a copy for only 99 cents! 
I hope you’ll check out one of the most unusual worlds I’ve created and help me celebrate the re-release of one of my favorite novels.


D L Jackson

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Kali Willows said...

I got the book! Now, to take the time to read it, I love your post. How surreal for you to endure and have a remarkable book as a result!

Congrats, D.L. you are a truly gifted author, can't wait to read this book!

Biggest hugs

D L Jackson said...

Thanks, Kali. I hope you enjoy it. I promise you it is different.

Arlene said...

I love this story. So much, it's about time I read it again. I agree with Kali. Oh yes, Dawn is gifted with such a realistic and creative imagination.

D L Jackson said...

Thanks, Arlene.