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What inspired me to write Calling Home?

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By Zee Monodee

CallingHome is the story of a cold and clinical forensic pathologist – the heroine, Margo Nolan. Proof and concrete evidence drive everything in her job and her life; there's no place for emotion and feelings. Or is there...? Because suddenly, Margo finds herself the guardian of eleven-year-old Emma, the daughter of her late best friend. When Emma was born, Margo became like a second mum to the girl, until she and her best friend fell out and they severed contact between them. 
But Margo doesn't do relationships – the closest interaction she gets daily is with dead bodies during autopsies in her morgue. How on earth does she then cope with a growing tween who's obsessed in half and half measures with football (soccer. The book's set in England J ) and boys? 
Help happens in the form of the local village doctor, the handsome and sexy Jamie Gillespie. Margo finds herself having the hots for him, so at odds with her usual personality, and *gasp* he is younger than she is. How does she handle Emma in her bumbling, inept attempts at being a mother, and get a grip over her treacherous feminine self around the hunky Jamie?  
Like Margo, I'm a big fan of the BBC show, Silent Witness. It's a sort of CSI-type drama that focuses more on the lives of three London-based forensic pathologists as they solve their cases. I also love all three versions of CSI. What intrigued me is the fact that these forensic pathologists and crime scene officers cannot let emotion drive them – they have to go by proof, and proof alone. 
But then, if evidence guides everything in your life, what exactly does that entail? And if you're a woman too, attempting to break the glass ceiling in a man's world? What happens when you get the one thing your heart has desired in the past – your child? 
These were the starting points that brought the character of Margo to my mind. I wanted to explore what a forensic pathologist's life would be like, but outside the lab. Does she have relationships? Is she socially inept? 
Which led to Margo needing help, and *wicked grin* another wrench thrown into her life – what if the woman in her was awakened? That's how Jamie came into being. I don't think of these two as 'meeting their match'. They don't exactly butt heads; they could be the other's fulfillment... Jamie's a calm, sweet, patient man, but how far will his patience with the reserved Margo stretch? 
Find out when you pick up a copy of Calling Home. There’s lots of family drama, tween angst, motherhood woes, and yes, (I hope!), the kind of toe-curling, wholesome hero who just makes the world go ‘tilt’. 

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