Friday, April 25, 2014

Taming Rydin

By CJ Durran

Prince Rydin of the Royal WindClan Warriors lives in secret exile and frees slaves as penance for the destruction and death he caused in the past. Shunning the responsibilities of his Clan and suppressing his natural sexual desires, he is unprepared for the intense reaction that surfaces when he saves the life of a rare human found on a nearby planet.
Nova has survived the harsh and unforgiving universe by using her overabundant sex drive to secure her way into her masters’ bedrooms. Fearing for her life, she offers herself to Rydin only to learn he wishes to free her, not use her as her other owners have.
Although Rydin refuses Nova’s advances at first, his attraction to her grows and soon his urge to mate overpowers him emotionally and physically. Nova, given freedom to choose, is undeterred, and proves that she is willing and capable of satisfying the needs of the WindClan Warrior. Unable to deny Nova for long, Rydin seeks the help of his most trusted friend to find a reason for his uncontrollable desires. He uncovers a truth that will change his and Nova’s lives forever, and may tear them apart despite their heated chemistry.

Rydin stood in the doorway, eyes burning, mouth hung open, and a very hard, very large cock straining his pants. He lifted me out of the tub, placed me on my feet, and snarled,
“What are you, Nova?”
Fear filled me. “I’m Human.”
“You are more than Human, female. Tell me what you are!”
“I don’t know what you mean.” I was trembling, naked, aroused, scared, and confused.
“I can smell you from across the castle; your scent entices to me like a devious weapon.”“Apologies. I attempted to remedy my needs.” I cringed as he gripped my wrist tighter.
“What words do you wish to hear?”
“This history you speak of—”
“I was born to a slave on LunaStation. The Marauders took me away when I first bled, taught me how to use sex to survive, Master.”
“Do not call me Master!” He released me when I cried out in pain. I crumpled to the floor. He gasped and knelt beside me. The sincerity and guilt in his eyes touched my heart. He covered his face. “Majesty, forgive me.”
“I’m not trying to tempt you. But I need a male,” I whispered, hanging my head. “It has been days. I can’t deny it much longer.”
Rydin met my gaze, jaw tight, his shoulders tense. Again, my body pulsated from within, filling me with yearning.
“You have power over me like no other, why?” he said.
“I don’t know,” I offered honestly. “You have the same effect on me, Warrior. If you cannot help me, please find one who can.”
“You ask for things you don’t understand.”
“I listen to my body. It vibrates for you, unlike anything I’ve experienced before. If you feel this way, too, why don’t you want me?”

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Author Bio:
CJ Durran’s love of spicy Romance and Science Fiction fueled her desire to delve into the erotic romance genre. When not writing or “researching” her next novella, she spends her free time reading, binge watching TV series’ on Netflix, and scouring the internet for celebrity gossip.
CJ Durran is a pen name.

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