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Outback Dirty

by Eva Lefoy


When I first heard about the Calendar Men series, I knew I had to find out more.  Who are these hunks? What’s the series all about? To get answers, I interviewed JoAnne Kenrick, the author of the Mr. January, and her book, Outback Dirty.

What gave you the initial idea for the story? 
When I subbed the Calendar Men series, my story for the series was proposed as a doctor in Las Vegas who gets roped into posing for the calendar and falls for the photographer. However, as the series took shape, the premise for the calendar setting was changed somewhat and the focus became a charity calendar for the fictional Hero Family Fund. We had to submit a synopsis before writing the story. From there, I can’t tell you how it happened. It just did. I think a little Outback Magic happened during the day I wrote the synopsis.

Ah yes. I see a little magic does happen in Australia. Tell us more about the area where the story takes place. Chris's ranch sounds wonderful. A little hot. A little sticky, Way dry. But yet... romantic. What's your experience of the place? 

I’ve only visited Chris’ melon plantation in the Northern Territory in my imagination, but I have lived in New South Wales for a spell. ‘A little hot’ is definitely an understatement. Darn it does get stinking hot. And very dry. But the people are friendly and laid back, and the vast space can be beautiful yet also overwhelming and intimidating. Life is just more relaxed there, and the majority focus is on enjoying life and family and friends.

Calendar Men. Chris is Mr. January and from his description he seems born to model - preferably naked. What's a good looking guy like him doing out with the skinks? Does he miss the camera at all? 

Chris is sexy as heck, and because he works the land, is well built. But he has never been one to strut his swag and boast his good looks. He’s not even aware of how sexy he is, not really. The one-time gig as a model was to help the charity calendar since his dad died during military service. So no, he absolutely does not miss being in front of the camera. He’s a dirt and beer man all the way! It took inheriting a melon plantation in Pine Creek for him to figure that out.

The outback isn't Janine's favorite spot! But deep down, she's a country girl. How does she come to terms with her unwanted heritage during the story? After all, she has to get Outback Dirty to get her man! 

With a man like Chris around, I think even I would come to terms with living in the outback! Janine is very much like me in that my biggest problem, and my only problem, about living in Australia was the spiders and snakes. After six months of checking the bed before getting in every night, and looking in shoes before putting them on, well, it becomes routine and normal.

I only ever saw one redback spider while I lived in Oz. Well, there were three actually. And of all places, it was beneath the swing seat my toddler daughter had been using for weeks previously before we noticed. Can you say EEP?! Yeah, that freaked me out…a lot. There’s a lot of me in Janine. I can squeal with the best of ‘em.

Aboriginal societies and shamanism/spirituality. You include a little bit of that in the story and it works for the characters. How does it help bring them together and do you think it's possible that outback magic happens? 

Absolutely. A lot of plants have been proven to have medicinal qualities, and I’m a firm believer that prayer and positive thinking works.  And Uncle Sam, the spiritual matchmaker of the story, has much wisdom that has been passed down to him and from his own experiences. He knows exactly what’s needed for them to be together. A heart needs to be healed, and deep routed pain needs to be released. With a little bit of spiritual counseling, a touch of outback magic, and a lot of faith, Uncle Sam does his best to bring these lovers together.

Chris and Janine heat up the pages with their mutual lust. What does Chris like most about Janine's body? What does Janine like most about Chris'?  

Chris loves it when Janine wears her serious business suits, because no one would ever tell what a curvy and sexy body she has hiding under her clothes. And usually red lacy underwear.  She may give off this power woman attitude, but he knows she’s a hot vixen who only has to show a sneak of a red bra strap and his pants get twisted and his heart skips a beat. As for Chris, Janine is hot for him…so hot. She still has the January page from the calendar, when he posed bared chested and wet. One glance at that shot and she’s just as wet. With his hard muscles, his piercing stare, and his long hair….whoa, I can sense her drooling as I type. Or maybe that’s me? He’s one tough man, but he’s a softy at heart.

Leo and Dingo - any future books there?

It’s certainly possible. Darn them. I didn’t mean to write a secondary romance plot, but Dingo and Leo’s mini subplot just happened. And they are the two most unlikely people you’d expect to be attracted to each other. Yet they insisted. Over and over. So eventually, after several rewrites of the scenes they were in, I gave in and gave them what they wanted. Each other. And suddenly, the whole picture of Outback Dirty felt right.

And I agree! Here’s more on the upcoming books, and I hope you enjoy Outback Dirty!

Heroes doing good while looking great!


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Release Dates:
January 1st – Outback Dirty by JoAnne Kenrick
February 1st – February Lover by Rebecca Royce
March 1st – Seducing Helena by Ann Mayburn
April 1st – Frontier Inferno by Kate Richards
May 1st – Shockwave by
D. L. Jackson
June 1st – The Other Brother by
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July 1st – The Letter by Mina Carter
August 1st – Burning Love by
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September 1st – A Model Hero by
Sara Daniel
October 1st – Falling For her Navy SEAL Again by
Clarissa Yip
November 1st – Thankful For You by
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December 1st – Snow Angels by
Sabrina York

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