Sunday, September 22, 2013

Recharging Your Batteries

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By Patricia Bates

As a writer one thing there never seems to be enough of is time... Time to write, to spend with my family. Time is a very expensive commodity, made even more so when you're working full time outside of the home, building a new business up and trying to meet deadlines for your own writing. A running joke I have with several of my friends is there needs to be 36 hours in one day.

Not something which will every happen in my lifetime – thank goodness lol but its true. The more time I have the less it seems I get caught up. I'm constantly adding things to my To Do List, for every one thing I cross off I add two more. Bad habit? I think its just my brain's way of saying you can rest later LOL.

Writing, editing, promoting its a full time job and one must face  we have to step back and take some 'us' time to recharge our batteries. Finding that time is harder to do than anyone could imagine.

When I get asked what's the one thing I want for my birthday...its not hard to decide what I'd like. Its nice when I get it as well. Of course even though I'm facing deadlines my day is strictly my day...which means I get to catch up on my reading, get to recharge those batteries which are running low and I can get caught up on the things I've missed doing for some time. 

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