Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Double Dragon Trivia!

By Kali Willows

Kali Willows’ Double Dragon Seduction was an emotionally packed, complicated story, with a unique mythology–Sizzling Hot Book Reviews

Dragon Temptation is another 1 Night Stand Novella and lord have mercy I sure do love these Novellas. Yes they are short but they are packed with steamy sex and romance—Tee.

It all started with two seductive twins, Tatsu and Yong Li, my dragons. Along came Gwen Trembley, their fiery love interest in Double Dragon Seduction. Next was the continuing tale, one twin takes a wife, the other takes a new lover in Dragon Temptation. Then come the twins’ dragon cousin Kaida Li, and her mysterious match Roark Blackwell in Dragon’s Breath (Coming out in October 2013!)

Three stories that are crammed full of erotic romance, paranormal twists, unique mythology, and now? Now, for my current WIP, I’m going back to the beginning, with the couple that bestowed our dragon lovers with their unique legacy- Double Dragon’s Bond.— There will be more to share about the 4th edition of the series in the very near future!

My next release in my Double Dragon’s Blood 1NS series is even more packed with sizzling sex and secrets revealed. In Dragon’s Breath, Roark protects her from a distance, he has yearned for her for years, Kaida can’t find a mate that can match her strength or survive her lineage. It all boils down to a single erotic night, or the morning after, that will change their loves forever.

What is it about these dragons that have captivated me so? It’s difficult to explain, except that their stories need to be told. Because my Double Dragons’ have been my best sellers, EVER, I decided to entice my readers who have also been drawn in by the twins’ mystifying allure.

Today, I would like to have some fun! I’m going to post some trivia questions based on the first two books in my series, and the reader who replies with the most correct answers will win a copy of ANY one of my 1NS books! Find the selection here: 


What is Tatsu and Yong Li’s heritage?

What famous landmark (City) did Tatsu and Yong Li rendezvous with Gwen for their 1 Night Stand?

What year were the twins and Gwen all born in? 19--?

In the Chinese Zodiac, what year were Tatsu, Yong Li and Gwen all born in? Year of the--?

Which person from Gwen’s past interferes with her night of passion with the twins?

Who is your favourite dragon so far in the series? ( there is no right or wrong to this question J  )
If you would like to enter for a chance to win one 1NS eBook copy of your choice by Kali Willows, then please, leave a comment and be sure to leave your email address so I can contact the winner for the giveaway!

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Dragon’s Breath – 1NS with Decadent Publishing, coming October 2013 !!!
Happy Reading!

Kali Willows

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