Saturday, May 4, 2013

Required Reading is Done! Pleasure Reading has Begun!

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By Lisa A. Adams

With the close of another semester in the collegiate world, students everywhere are cramming for their finals. Accounting, World History, Psychology, and the like, mark the exit of first year college students.
But first, we must get through the "Required Reading." Forcing our bodies to digest huge amounts of data to regurgitate on the finals, we know undoubtedly that we will forget over sixty percent of the information by fall.  And if it is a required course that has nothing to do with our major, over ninety percent will be gone within a year. But… such is the life of the average collegiate student.

With the finale of the spring semester, the hopes and dreams of college students everywhere are to simply put down the books and party. Summer is near and three months of downtime for the average college student is a promise that waits in the wings.

Unfortunately, within a few weeks of dismissal, our brains are left thirsty and craving nourishment. We find ourselves trolling the check-out lines at local stores, looking for anything that will quench our thirst.  We look for something cheap. Magazines, used books, and free books are on the top of the list.

However, there is another option. Today's eBook market has allowed people from all over the country to enjoy countless books for minimal prices. Ranging from free to just a few dollars, thousands of new places can be explored. New characters are waiting to tell their stories, and maybe you'll find the escape you're looking for in that book you just downloaded for $2.99.

Why suffer through the summer hauling around paperback copies that make your luggage and carry-on bags heavy? Pick up your eReader, download some great new stories from countries all over the world, and finally begin your "Pleasure Reading."  You deserve it!

Why not start right here at Decadent Publishing. Romance is our specialty. If you're looking for something more, try Bono Books.  From steampunk to shifters, historical to contemporary, preppers to fantasy, we are positive that you will find something to quench your "Pleasure" reading thirst. Check it out!

Lisa A. Adams

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