Saturday, January 26, 2013

Where is Freewill, Wyoming?

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By KevaD

There’s intrinsic beauty in the artistry required to create a community like Freewill, Wyoming. First, the person behind the scenes has to paint a vivid picture of the town’s geographic location on the edge of mountains and still within a stone’s throw of pastures capable of supporting horse and cattle ranches. Next come the foundation businesses that provide the residents with common ground and meeting places; a small town friendly ambiance a reader can return to time and again and feel like the reader is coming home to a familiar setting. Finally, every town has its memorable characters who hang out on the corner, in the café, or on the park bench in front of the drug store, and always have a wave or a bit of gossip to share. Politicians remain in office until the next election. The family who built the bank still owns it. The restaurant’s menu hasn’t had a new entrée in years. The schedule of community events designed to pull in tourists is available for all to review.

However, each one of those concrete elements must afford contributing authors the freedom to explore their own imaginations and implant new characters, plots, and appropriate locales. In other words, the town of Freewill must be firm enough to maintain consistency, and yet liquid enough to mold to the visiting author’s vision. Change without change.

And somehow, the folks behind the scenes of Western Escape have provided authors just such a canvas on which to introduce new characters who are old friends or relatives, sometimes mysterious strangers who set tongues wagging, and storylines that are fresh and unchained within what could be a monotonous cage for imagination if not handled properly. This affords readers stories that aren’t canned replays of previous books. New authors mean new blood and a new way of viewing the town and its inhabitants within each offering.

The Western Escape line isn’t trite nor expected. Each book is an original take on an established community, its surroundings and history. So, freshen your drink, kick off your shoes, put your feet up, and get ready for some fun, exciting, often sexy, and never repetitive storytelling.

We hope you enjoy your stay here in Freewill. Oh! Be sure to tip the waitress. She has an attitude. 

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