Friday, November 2, 2012

What happens when seven crazy authors, good friends, get together for a girls only weekend with chocolate wine and whipped cream vodka?

 You get the Sassy Seven Authors, a bunch of new series, and the idea for the Naughty Sleepover, a weekend that’s the ultimate girls night out. In our latest series The Naughty Sleepover, all the stories are based at The Menger Hotel in San Antonio, Texas, where our Naughty Sleepover is being held in February 2013. And all begin in the historic bar where Teddy Roosevelt met with his Rough Riders.
So first about the event. The weekend begins with a Decadent Chocolate Hour (sponsored by Decadent Publishing, of course!) that actually runs all evening and proceeds next day through a discussion with a Dom, a “special toys” party and male dancers in the evening. (Think Chippendales.) Plus we have two very special hunks who will be your hosts for the weekend.
All in good fun and a chance to go wild in a friendly environment. Check it out at We even have a payment plan for registration so your budget is safe.

And now for the stories!

Sugar Girl by Nicole Austin 
A guy walks into a bar... And finds the girl he shouldn’t have left behind. Their differences kept Candy and Jeremiah apart until finally, the road lead them back where they belong. But in the harsh light of the morning after can she really hold on to a shooting star?


Say Yes by Regina Carlysle 
All work and no play is no way to live and J.D. Stone aims to change that after a chance meeting at the Menger Hotel. When the lonely rancher meets sassy photographer, Melissa Bell, the sparks fly and passions burn hot enough to incinerate them both. 

Spank ’Em Cowboy by Samantha Cayto 
Tara hopes to survive her sister's wedding without a wardrobe malfunction. Rob spots the voluptuous filly and cuts her from the herd. And when she craves someone to take the reins, he knows he's the right man to saddle her up for the ride of her life.

 More Than You Know by Cerise DeLand 
One redhead. One bartender. Lots of laughter. A desire so tender that the sheets they burn up together could set the hotel on fire. But can he intrigue a woman who’s older? What if he never lets her out of bed? Will she still want him tomorrow? 

Overnight Sensation by Desiree Holt 
Pulled together in a crowd by an instant attraction, Abbie and Sam are powerless against the incendiary combustion that consumes them and turn a chance meeting into an overnight sensation 

 Blame it on Texas by Allie Standifer 
Everything's supposed to be bigger and better in Texas, right? Sexy plus size model Serena Morgan isn't convinced until Texas country star Kale Winters takes her in a night of passion. Come morning will Kale convince Serena he's the real deal or Blame it on Texas? 


When a Lady Meets a King by Brenna Zinn 
Lady Pembrook went to great lengths, traveling thousands of miles and assuming a false identity to satisfy her fantasy of a one-night stand with a real Texas cowboy. But when a mysterious stranger in dark sunglasses threatens to expose her scandalous behavior, a handsome King comes to the rescue. 


Barbara Elsborg said...

Looks and sounds great - what hot covers!!!!

Nicole Austin said...

Thanks, Barbara! I had a great time creating the covers. :D

Unknown said...

Pick me! Pick me!! I love the Sassy Seven and the Naughty sleepover, I so want to go! *praying really hard to W I N T H E L O T T E R Y !!!!

Loved the blurbs, it all sounds yummy


Susan W. said...

Love the covers! There are several of my favorite authors here!

Kathy L. said...

I read all the books and can't wait to see the infamous Menger Bar at the hotel. Can't wait until February gets here. It is going to be a blast!

coach4kat@gmail dot com

Cate Masters said...

Wowsers! I want them all. :)

Anne Nelson (Angel Anne Reviews) said...

Hot hot, lucky 7

liltrev said...

I love all the covers they are HOT & SEXY!!! However, I loved the stories even more each one was HOT & SEXY. I can not wait till February and the Sleepover. This will be a first attending a Authors Weekend and since its a First I choose the best one to start the New Year out right.