Thursday, September 27, 2012

Giving Thanks

By Kacey Hammell
Thanksgiving is fast approaching in Canada, on October 8th, and around my house one of our traditions is to circle the table so every person can give thanks for something(s) they are most thankful for during the year.

This year I have plenty to be thankful for. As always, my family. My hubby, three kids, Mom & big brother, who I admit – I worry about like a regular mother hen no matter how old they are – and who always make every day full of love and laughter. And each one is so supportive of my writing – my Mom passes out my postcards that I carry in my purse to people in restaurants!!! – and make sure I have quality writing time.

Friends – unfortunately, a lot of my friends (in person) do not read as much as I do, don’t always “get” that people can write a book and be published online in ebooks but not have prints to “Show” for it.  So it makes me doubly grateful and thankful for the online community of authors, readers, promoters and advertisers who understand the world I write in and give a lot of support in any ways they can. I have about a dozen authors that I can turn to on any given day and they are there with a shoulder to lean on, even via email, I can feel their warmth, and sounding board for a WIP or to understand a negative review.

Then there are my publishers who I give thanks for. They took a chance on my work, provided every avenue to get the book(s) published, polished and into the reader’s hands. This year I’ve been blessed to have four releases with DP and appreciate, thank everyone at the company for their support.

The above are just a few things I’ll be saying aloud at the dinner table this year.

I know for some Thanksgiving may not be something they are thinking about yet, but wherever you live or when you celebrate Thanksgiving, I’d love to hear some of what you’re thankful for this year.

It’s never too early to sit back and appreciate everything you’re blessed with.

My four releases with Decadent Publishing, all a part of the In the Arms of the Law series. FYI -- WILD THUNDER releases October 2nd !!!

 To read excerpts for each book, visit my “Bookshelf Page” on my site that will lead you to each one. 
Buy each book at my Decadent Publishing Page 

Remember, let me know something(s) you 
are thankful for this year!

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