Monday, April 9, 2012

Supernatural, Demons and Shiela

By Shiela Stewart

I was asked to tell a few things about myself which is harder than you might think. I hate talking about myself. But because I was asked so sweetly, I gave in. ( They have me at gunpoint. Please for the love of God, call the police!!)

1: I am obsessed with Supernatural. I have watched every episode and own every season which I watch over and over. I count down the days until it’s on and if anyone dare talk during the show I get very angry.
2: My house burned to the ground when I was seven. We lost everything and my mother had third degree burns on both her hands and arms from going into the house for our belongings.
3: I’m bipolar, as are my oldest son and my daughter.
4: I was asked to be in a rock band at 15, but my parents forbade it.
5: I have eaten chicken hearts, chicken feet, pigs feet and cow brains. And lived to tell the tale. I will never eat those things again. (Thanks mom for ruining my taste buds)
6: I learned how to ride a horse when I was nine and never once did I get bucked off. My little sister was not so lucky.
7: I can cross one eye while the other stays straight. Freaks my husband out. LOL
Want to know more about me you’ll have to get me drunk first.

Check out my latest release, Offer the Demon Book 2 in the Demon series

Twenty-one years ago was the beginning of the end.

Born to serve Satan, Aurora Starr wishes she could lead a normal life.
Being a demon, that’s not so easy to do. By night she takes the lives
of those Satan chooses. Despite her hatred for her job, she knows she
must continue, but all she wants is to live like a normal human.

Enter Scott Monroe.

Tall, blond, and gorgeous, he is more than Aurora can resist.
Although mating with a human is taboo, Aurora throws caution to
the wind and begins seeing Scott. But when Satan makes her choose
between her family or the man she loves, Aurora has had enough.

Will love win in the end, or will Satan damn them all?

Excerpt: About to approach them with his card and the usual speech, he spotted her. He wasn’t sure how he’d known it was her when she didn’t look anything like herself. Maybe it was the hair. Not many women wore it so long, long enough to graze her backside. It certainly wasn’t the clothes she wore, or lack thereof. The skirt should probably be illegal. The top—he didn’t want to even go there. It was her, there was no doubt. It was Aurora, and the way she moved to the beat of the music looked damn good.
Her body floated, rolling in such erotic moves it had him swallowing a hard lump in his throat. And apparently, he wasn’t the only one affected.
As she swayed on the dance floor seductively, men crowded around her.
It was time he put a stop to this.
He stepped into the crowd surrounding her and before he could take control of the situation, she leaned against his chest, wound her arms
around his neck, and began gyrating.
He probably should put an end to this, his mind was all but screaming it, but his body refused to listen. Putting his hands on her hips, he swayed to
the beat with her.
Slowly, seductively, she turned, and her eyes widened with surprise. “Scott? Well, you certainly know how to move.”
Gathering his thoughts, Scott grabbed her by the arm, and dragged her away.
“What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

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Alexa said...

Great info, Shiela! I too LOVE Sam & Dean (& Castiel & Bobby). My heroine's last name is Winchester! Good luck with your latest release!

Jessica E. Subject said...

I've never tried any of those foods, but I have tried pig's tail. Not a favorite, but bearable.

All the best!

Shiela Stewart said...

Hi Alexa! Oh I love Castiel. Even named a cat after him. :)

I forgot to mention I've eatten pig tail too. Not a fan. Thanks for stoping in Jessica!

Barbara Elsborg said...

Did you know what you were eating when you ate it?? I'm really suspicious of everything I eat. I blame my mother who was a terrible cook. The only thing she didn't make me eat was tripe - cows stomach - the smell used to make me throw up!
Congrats on the story!!!

Cara Bristol said...

I've eaten chicken hearts, liver & gizzards, pigs feet, escargot, frog legs, beef tongue, alligator, & squid.

I draw the line at brains, kidneys, tripe.

I would like to try snake sometime, just so I could say I did.

When I went to China, Beijing street vendors were selling crickets on a stick. I draw the line there, too!