Thursday, March 8, 2012

Alpha Men

by Diane Alberts

When writing my latest release, ABSOLUTION, I did my fair amount of research on how Alpha men work. Even so, my editor pointed out lots of things I missed. Alpha men are strong, steady, hard, and—yes—bossy. Joseph couldn’t be more alpha if you dipped him in a pot of testosterone.
Which makes me wonder…what type of hero do readers prefer most? Do you like a hard, cynical, bossy man—much like Joseph? Or do you prefer a softer, charming hero? Do you choose the same type of hero in your books as you do in real life—or do you like your characters touch but your men soft and pliable?
I’ve come to discover that though I write mostly charming, sweet characters—minus my very alpha Joseph—my husband mostly resembles Joseph. Funny, that.
So, as a reader, which do you prefer in books and in real life? Comment below and tell me—you just might win one of my backlist titles!
Here’s a little more information about my newest release, ABSOLUTION. It’s part of Decadent’s Honor Guard Series.

Eva can’t believe Joseph dares to show his face to her after he’d cheated on her with a stripper—in her bed. She’d kicked him out, and has no desire to let him back in, despite his claims of being assigned to protect her from the Cartel. Her life very well may be in danger, but she fears more for the safety of her heart.
Joseph made one foolish mistake a year ago, and has been paying for it ever since. She might not want to allow him into her life again, but he doesn’t care if she despises the very thought of him. His duty is to keep Eva alive, even if it might end up being the death of him. Because he never stopped loving her.
Can they put their painful history aside, and work together against her enemy? Or will the past prove too strong to be forgiven?

“What’s going on?”
“I’ll tell you everything. But not until I get you inside. Take me to your place.”
She laughed. “Hell, no.” Worried or not, he would get nowhere near her apartment ever again. “I told you when I kicked you out you’d never be welcome inside my house again. Nothing has changed. I’m a big girl. I can handle myself.”
She took a step away, and once again he took her by the elbow. This time, Joseph didn’t stop her but grabbed her and dragged her behind him.
“No, you can’t. And if you won’t take me to your place, I’ll just lead the way. Either way, I’m getting in.” He tugged her toward the red-roofed, stucco building Eva lived in, and she tensed.
“Go to hell!” She struggled against his hold, but he didn’t even pause. She dug her heels into the cement and yanked her arm but failed to free herself from his grip. “I’ll scream.”
He stopped and leaned into her face. “You wouldn’t dare.” Without waiting for her reaction, he continued to escort her toward her building.
She opened her mouth, took a deep breath, and yelled, “Help—”
Eyes wide, Joseph stopped and spun her until she rested against the wall of a nearby building. She had time to yelp before he crushed his lips to hers and thrust his tongue inside her mouth.
She pushed against his shoulders, and he groaned, deepening the kiss. She longed to bite his tongue, to kick him in the balls, but he felt so good. It might have been six weeks since he last kissed her, but her body remembered him well—including all the feelings he brought out within her—and wanted more.
She pulled him closer while he slid his palms down her back and cupped her buttocks, hauling her up tight against his erection. She groaned in unison with Joseph. He tore his mouth away and nibbled on her right ear.
“God, Eva, I’ve missed you so much.”
Nothing he could have said would have sobered her more. Man, but he had some cojones telling her he missed her! He’d cheated on her, not the other way around. She jerked out of his hold and slapped him hard across the face.

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Diane Alberts lives in Northeast Pennsylvania with her husband, four kids, and a bird. She lives in the mountains-but wishes it were the beach. She has been writing since she was in elementary school, but only recently fulfilled her dreams of being published in 2011. Enjoys dyeing yarn and knitting in her “spare” time.

She loves interacting with readers, so feel free to email her!
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Barbara Elsborg said...

In real life - I like - er - exaclty the same as my husband. (Phew) Don't think he's reading but just in case.
In stories, I don't like guys who are too alpha. Don't get me wrong, I like strong, dominant men but not ones who are too macho. They have to have a softer side, some weakness. I know that when I read, the heroes I most like are very similar to the ones I write, and I suspect all my heroes have touches of the same qualities - more alpha than not.

Donna said...

In both reading and real life, I like my men to be true alphas, not bullies and not with false bravado, but strong, intelligent and protective. Knowing how to be soft and have fun with a woman, respecting her talents and intelligence, but always the Dom.


Anonymous said...

Hi Diane,

I like men that are leaders, with a lot of confidence, no non-sense, decision makers, with a bit of humor, but serious. They MUST know how to treat a woman, and spoil her while they're at it. I can go on and on, my list is a mix of all the traits I like HA!

Kira Decker said...

I find myself drawn to the intellegent dark brooders. Definite leaders (alphas in normal situation) but usually with a scarred past. It makes them real, so when they finally do let their guard down from that tough confidence there is a touch of uncertainty that is oh so sexy!

hotcha12 said...


Jolene Perry said...

I love the guys who are observers, and then come in at the perfect time and say/do the perfect thing.
I love the misunderstood, partially awkward, hottties.

VS Morgan said...

I love to write and read about Alpha men. Especially the bossy take charge kind of guys. My hubby's definitely alpha but is more cautious/thoughtful than my characters.

Christy said...

In real life and in books I like guys that are bad boys tough and can take charge, but also have that other side that not everyone sees...

Anonymous said...

Hi Diane,

Definitely sounds steamy! Depends on the day with my hubby, hard to say one way or the other with him. Personally, I love to read about dominant, strong, sexy men but when they're too alpha, too pushy, it just turns me off, unless the heroine is in need of that strong a character. In real life, too pushy, too alpha - well, to be honest, makes me angry. I don't like to be bossed or pushed around but that's what makes books so great - you can indulge in the fantasy and no one gets hurt (or angry)!

Thanks for the chance to win one of your books!