Monday, February 6, 2012

Are YOU the newest shooting star for Western Escape Romance?

Shooting Star Writing Contest

Have you ever wanted to break in your own cowboy…or cowgirl?
Riding the range, herding cattle, running a ranch…it’s all there in Freewill, Wyoming…and more, waiting for you to come write your heart’s story. If you like a sexy cowboy in a Stetson and low-slung jeans, he can be found in Freewill’s contemporary setting. Or, if you prefer the rugged hero in chaps, camping next to an open fire, and riding into a small start-up town to re-supply, he can be found in Freewill’s historical setting.

With Freewill being a long-established town, rich in history, gunfights, jumped claims, and love lost, it is the perfect setting to have your hero or heroine travel back to the past to experience it personally…and perhaps find the soul mate s/he has always longed for. Shifting from a modern age to a time when lights didn’t burn at the flip of a switch and indoor plumbing had yet to be invented might very well prove for some interesting moments for your characters. But then, why only go back in time…but hurtle your sexy hero forward to modern Freewill. Imagine how someone from that time might view computers and cell phones… Either way, a time travel romance set in Freewill, Wyoming, could very well be the story you’ve been longing to pen. Now all you have to decide is which time periods your hero and heroine will choose to spend their happy ever after in.

If you have a set of characters in mind (either contemporary or historical) and need a western setting to let your story unfold, then Freewill is the perfect place. If sexy, rugged cowboys, and beautiful country girls get your blood pumping, then consider this friendly town. Whether your hero lassos a calf, wild horse, or hot-tempered heroine, these wide open spaces leave plenty of room for your characters to breathe.

Freewill is full of possibilities. Put your mark on the town with the perfect business or help create its history/future in other ways. Even if you're just passing through, Freewill is the perfect to start a romance. After all, it was founded on the idea of free will and free imaginations. Indulge yours and create a romance that will put a little sizzle in this small town and make a lasting impression. Freewill is waiting for you!

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How it Works:
Please send one (1) copy of the first chapter of your manuscript (5000 words maximum) and a (1) page synopsis (single spaced is acceptable, but please, keep the font at 12pt or larger) to editor [dot] ansley [at] gmail [dot] com. Total entry must be in one file with the synopsis at the beginning or end of the entry. Entries should be in RTF (rich text format) files only. Name and contact information must be listed in the body of the email.

Entries must be received by no later than midnight, February 22, PST.

NO Entry Fee or purchase necessary to win.

For Official Rules, please click HERE.  

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