Friday, November 11, 2011

Seven things no body knows about me…

by Liz Crowe

Here’s the thing about my life.  I have very few secrets.  Between blogging and promoting/marketing as The Beer Wench for my brewery and writing/promoting/blogging as Liz, I’ve revealed waaaaaaaay more than I should already. But.  The Decadent Powers That Be Ask. So.

I’m gonna find seven things that have yet to be revealed……


Number seven:
Until I became The Beer Wench, brewery owner and marketing queen my absolute favorite go-to alcohol was a big, fat, dry Italian Chianti. The kind that costs more than $20 and does not come in a straw-wrapped bottle suitable for a candle.

Number six:
I lost my virginity in a church.  I will say no more as a story is being formed around it.

Number five:
I have seriously contemplated plastic surgery. I went so far as to have my “what don’t you like about yourself” meeting with my local version of Drs. Troy and MacNamara (sorry I LOVED THAT SHOW!).    I was literally talked out of a boob job and into a “lift” which I will embark upon in February.  Yep. I am.  My face will match my Yoga pummeled body soon.
Don’t hate me.

Number four:
I spent three hours in a mosh pit, about 15 feet from Dave Grohl at a Foo Fighter concert that I took my 2 daughters (13 and 16) and the 16 year old’s boyfriend to.  It was so stressful getting tee shirts, signing the releases for the “mosh pit liability release” that my 13-year-old held my hand up the stairs and said: “look mom!  Craft Beer!  Go get a couple before we go in!”  The Palace at Auburn Hills (Michigan) has a whole beer booth with JUST CRAFT BEER.  Awesome.  I took her advice.

Number three:
I am in favor of medical marijuana. 

Number Two:
I have been cheated on.  And forgiven.  Although it took more than a year.

Number One:
Every single day I dread waking up.  I’m not just “not a morning person.” I’m one of those whose worries and cares and dreads and all that comes with owning a small business and trying to write/promote and be the success I want to be clamp down on my opening eyes in way that makes me totally understand this from one of my fav movies of all time:

There you have it.

Lots of scary, weird and only mildly useless facts from:  Liz!

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Jessica E. Subject said...

And that's why we love you. :)

I went to a Bush concert at The Palace of Auburn Hills with friends many years ago. It was quite a memorable experience, including crossing the border. Yeah...

Katalina Leon said...

Liz, you're a big, brave soul to do all this, and take the kids to a mosh pit. Your daughters will never forget it and love you forever.

Liz said...

My work would not be complete as a mother without that, no?

Casea Major said...

Here we are again. At some point isn't it just easier to say where you aren't?

Can't wait to hear more about the church story.

Liz said...

it's a dirty job this constant promotion.

Samantha Gail said...

Liz, you are one intriguing woman! We REALLY need to hang out and drink beer...lots of it:)

Harlie Williams said...

Liz, you are a hell of woman to forgive. I'm not sure that I could. We so need to drink beer together.

In a church? Really? Wow! I lost mine to a boy I met at church.

Barbara Elsborg said...

You strike me as being a strong, loving woman, Liz. Good for you.
And in church!! Ooh I can't wait to meet you!! Hope it won't be in a hot fiery place!!!