Friday, November 18, 2011

The Facts according to Maureen...

by Maureen O. Betita

I recently postulated on Facebook page, that Americans have no color sense when it comes to cars. Where it was brought to my attention by my numerous acquaintances across the country, that they see vehicles other than white, black or grey/silver in their neck of the woods. I stand corrected.

Only in California is there no sense of taking a chance on something other than white, black or grey/silver.
Just the facts, as I see it!

Next on my factual observation list.

Young men seldom clean up after their dogs. In fact, it is a rare day I see a young man with a plastic bag at the bluff where we locals let our dogs run free. Even though there is a plastic bag dispenser on the bluff.
I surmise that the dogs of young men do not poop. Ever. Or! Young men suffer from dog poop blindness, similar to refrigerator blindness, a common male malady. Perhaps both.

Given a chance to view a humpback whale close up, people are willing to put themselves in harm’s way.

Early in November, Monterey Bay had a few weeks of warmer weather and warmer currents entered the bay. Along with schools of anchovies and those who like to eat them. Including humpback whales. Enter suicide-minded kayakers and surfers, who sought out the flocks of birds signaling a school of anchovies had been driven toward the surface by underwater predators…
The footage of whales surging out of the water, mouths open to swallow massive numbers of anchovies, with bobbing human bait close enough to touch, was everywhere. Internet and television ate it up.


I wish a whale had smacked at least one with an errant flipper or something. Then again, said idiot probably would have sued the Coast Guard for not telling him that mammals, which weigh tons, might be dangerous to human health when in such close proximity. And they probably would have won.
My opinion? Coast Guard should have been out there issuing tickets to all of them for harassing the wildlife in a marine sanctuary.
And those are my factual observations for the week!

*Most ‘facts’ are simply my take and do not represent actual facts. Other than the whale thing. Those people are idiots.


Kathleen said...

Great photo, Maureen! Why would anyone risk their lives to get a glimpse of a whale? Dumb and dumbest!!!

Maureen said...

Oh, they thought it was so thrilling!


Yeah, tell that to your insurance company when you're laid up in the hospital with mulitple broken ribs... I was hit by a whale!

Really, Darwin in motion...

And Val dug the photo out...good job, Val!

Valerie Mann said...

Took me awhile but I appreciated your snarkism, so knew I had to find it just for you, Maureen. And I agree with all of your facts. And I own two silver vehicles and I live on the East coast, so I don't think it's just a Cali thing, LOL!

Maureen said...

Val - I think I'm the only person I know who wants a lime green car...or orange...or neon yellow. You know, something that doesn't fade into the asphalt.

Thanks for the pic. All the ones I found were video!

Jessica E. Subject said...

We own a red and a silver vehicle. Used to be two red ones, but when it comes to driving, people don't see the red vehicles, as they tend to pull out in front of us all the time. Not the new silver one though. But it's bigger. LOL

I see the same thing with guys and dog poop. Urgh!

Maureen said...

Car colors just mystify me. Red blindness...interesting! I own one red car, a Dodge Caravan, and it's never not seen...but it is a bigger vehicle!

The white one? I lose it in parking lots all the time because everyone has a white car!

And yup, young guys and their dogs who don't poop... ARGH!