Monday, November 28, 2011

Every Life Deserves A Soundtrack

by Maureen O. Betita

I’m going to approach this a little differently than the normal Monday playlist stuff. I mean, I do use music to write by. (Geez, that new Evanescence CD had to songs on it I swear...she lifted it from my books!)
But! I want to talk about soundtracks. Not to my books. But my life.
This came up some time ago on Facebook. I’d been watching Mama Mia and laughing at the songs and dancing – nope, not gonna debate who could sing and who couldn’t… I just enjoyed the energy of the movie. I mean, come on! It’s fun!
I went on Facebook and said I wished I had a soundtrack, trying to be funny.
And numerous people went on to inform me that the soundtrack for Mama Mia was easily available.

*head slap*

Not that soundtrack! I mean MY soundtrack! I want a team of dancers to follow me around, breaking into appropriate moves for when I score a great deal at Macys, or succumb to that cupcake in the display case at Starbucks…or finish a manuscript.
And the orchestra, don’t forget them. Or band.

(Some days are orchestra days, some are band days, I think we can all agree with that.)
I’ll need a dozen talented songwriters to capture the true essence of my life and be able to write evocatively of my anguish over…uh…how cluttered my house is! Or the victory of creating a pair of pirate pantaloons in my sewing class.
It would be very helpful if there were signature bars for certain people in my life. I’d never have to worry about running into anyone I didn’t want to see. I’d hear the music and duck out.
I especially want this team of experts to wander around the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention with me. And any book event I attend. They can inspire the participants into dance and song and buying my book!
A soundtrack to my life.A living soundtrack. Remind me to see to it when the mega lottery ticket comes in with my numbers on it.
Oh, must buy a ticket for that to work, right?
This is where the trombone plays something to denote the joke… ;-)

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Maureen said...

I want dancers, too.