Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It’s my birthday and I’ll sing copyrighted songs if I want to.

by: Stephanie Beck

 Twenty-seven. It’s a little hard to believe that I’m actually out of my teens, because I pretty much feel the same as I did when I graduated high school. Sure, now I have a husband, kids, a mortgage, and career—but I’m still a smart mouthed kid who eats too much candy and likes to make people laugh.
I’ve always really liked my birthdays, but as the third child in a family with four kids, I never really got the huge brouhaha you see sometimes for kids. Our simple parties were always full of family and friends, with good food and lots of love—the best kind of celebrations for kids.
As an adult, I want to be able to say that I’m all grown up and view my birthday as just another day. After all, if I want something I am perfectly capable of saving money and buying it for myself. If I want a cake, I can make it or purchase one from the bakery down the block. I’m able to get into my car and drive to the restaurant of my choice and enjoy my favorite meal any time I choose (you know, when I get a babysitter).

However…if someone were to cover my house in balloons, send me roses, sculpt me a princess castle cake with raspberry cream filling, get me a new party outfit with matching shoes, hire an onsite sushi chief, set up a pasta bar and make an ice cream sundae bar, I’d be a super happy camper.
So many people I know say ‘don’t make a fuss’ about birthdays, my husband included. But dang it, I want the fuss! I want to be driving down the road listening to my favorite radio station and hear “Happy Birthday, Stephanie Beck!”. I would love to open my mailbox and find it stuffed with cards from the people who thought of me, but couldn’t join me. I want to walk into my house, hear a huge shout of surprise and have a table full of prettily wrapped gifts with a few balloons in the mix. And then maybe we could have pony rides-my pony, naturally, would be the cutest.

Le sigh, twenty-seven years old and I’m still a kid at heart.

Instead of dwelling on the ‘I wants’ I’m going to give today! Two commenters will get eBooks of their choice of my Decadent Publishing titles--Panties Optional or Felines and Flowers. Thanks so much for helping me celebrate my birthday!


Barbara Elsborg said...

Happy Birthday. Dang in - I wish I was 27 again. It's the number of the locker I always pick at the gym! Hugs from over the Atlantic.

Jessica E. Subject said...

Happy Birthday Stephanie!

I know the feeling. But my DH did renovate my office for me this year, so I can't complain.

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday! :)

I'm like you. I want streamers and balloons and awesome things. Luckily for me, my husband humors me and puts up those decorations (of course, I throw in a gentle reminder, not being one to rely on subtle

My birthday is in a couple days, and although I'm turning 23, no way will I be retiring my My Little Pony lunchbox anytime soon. And I certainly wouldn't complain if someone got me a cake with ponies on it, either. :D


Happy day, Steph! Since you're the master baker in your house, who is really going to make you a cake? Or is the hubs going to make someone else bake it for you? I wish I could bring you one!!

steph beck said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes! My honey is actually out of town for at least another week, so we're delaying the bday bash. I did get caramel rolls today though and they were yummy :)

June M. said...

Happy birthday! I would love to be 27 again (I will be turning 37 at my birthday...ugh!). I think there are ways/times that we will all always be kids at hearts. I hope you have a great day.
June M.

Book Chatter Cath said...

Hope you have a great Birthday....ohh to be 27 again!!!

Shame your DH isn't around to help celebrate, lets hope he more than makes up for it when he returns *wink wink* (LOL...okay my dirty old lady persona has now left the building!!!)

Enjoy your Birthday

elaing8 said...

Happy Birthday!!

I hope you enjoyed your day


steph beck said...

Thanks again. The day was uneventful, but the little things that made it special were very thoughtful and very appreciated.

elaing8 check your email--you're the winner of the random drawing for your choice of my books at Decadent :)

Stephanie Beck