Thursday, September 15, 2011

Three Way Thursday with Gracen Miller

What are you thankful for?

You might be sorry you asked this question! With my newly released Decadent book, Pandora's Box, and all the positive and five star reviews, I feel like I have won the Grammy. *grins* Do you really want me to thank all those people that got me here? LOL  I'll keep it somewhat short. I'm thankful for my supportive and amazing boys, which includes my husband of almost 20 years and my two sons.  Without them, I wouldn't be half the woman I am or half the writer.  They keep me smiling and grounded in reality…mostly anyway.  I'm thankful for my muse, who I've named DM.  DM is a slave driver and there are days when I wish he had an actual throat I could choke, but most of the time, I love and worship him. He prefers my love and worship. *winks*  I'm thankful I was given sons rather than daughters because boys are so much fun and aren't the least bit prissy…unless you ask them to do their rendition of a "girl".  *shakes head*  It is worth a laugh or two, but I hope they really don't think girls act like that!

I'm thankful Decadent gave my book, Pandora's Box, a home.  I'm extremely thankful the characters from Pandora's Box bombarded my imagination.  They're so alive and real in my head, it makes writing their adventures so much easier!  They keep me excited about writing! And I’m thankful for all the readers that encourage me with their love of my characters. They make writing worth all the long hours, sleepless night and hard work.

What've you been thinking about lately?

I’m trying not to think about my submission while I’m completing books that have been pushed to the side while I finished writing book two in the Road to Hell series. That’s hard when I have readers emailing me a couple of times a week asking when book two will be released.

What do you thirst/hunger for?

I'm a coffee addict, so coffee!! Otherwise, I thirst and hunger for the adventures of my characters. Living through them is so much fun even if I would never want to experience half of what they do in real life.

Pandora’s Box…once you open it, there’s no going back…

To read the first 3 chapter of my newest release Pandora’s Box, Book One in the Road to Hell series, go to my blog at  If you’re still interested, pick up a copy of Pandora’s Box, available at the following retailers listed below.


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Barbara Elsborg said...

ooh coffee, black coffee, not too strong but with a sweetener. The only way I can face the day.......and congrats on Pandora's box, Gracen. I heard the name Pandy - the other day - short for Pandora and I'd never thought of that for an abbreviation. I collect interesting names!!!